The year 2019 has been hyped for the anime community so far. With the release of so many awesome anime this season, Haikyuu will take the crown for being the top anime to start the year 2020!

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Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date

Many fans misunderstood the announcement by the official Haikyuu cast. They thought the official release date for season 4 was September 22nd. But September 22nd is the date for the season 4 Kick-Off Event and not the anime itself. Furthermore, The official release date was not revealed until August 18th. Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date is said to be January 2020. And finally, it is revealed recently that Haikyuu Season 4 is going to release on January 10, 2020.

Bonus with Haikyuu manga

There’s one thing Haikyuu manga fans actually wait for, the OVAs. These are the special part or chapters that are not much related to the plot but are interesting anyway.

So, the bonus we told you about is Haikyuu Special OVAs.

The Haikyuu OVAs are called “Land vs Sky” and “The Volleyball Way” and they will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on January 22, 2020.

Haikyuu Season 4

Haikyuu Season 4 Synopsis

National Spring High School Volleyball Tournament, Miyagi Prefecture Preliminary Qualifiers. The Karasuno High School Volleyball Club advances to participate in the long-desired National Tournament after a fierce battle against Shiratorizawa Academy. While in preparation for the upcoming National Tournament, the news of Kageyama’s All-Japan Youth Training Camp invitation came to them. In addition, Tsukishima will be invited to the Miyagi Prefecture First Year Selection Training Camp. However, Hinata also makes a sudden appearance at the Miyagi Prefecture First Years’ Training Camp.  Towards the National Tournament, Hinata, Kageyama, and the Karasuno High School Volleyball Club will begin facing further challenges!!

Haikyuu Movie

There have been fake rumors on the Haikyuu movie. So, let’s make it clear. No official ever said a word on any Haikyuu movie. They are more focused on working on Haikyuu Season 4.

Where to watch Haikyuu?

The studio did make sure that the anime reaches out to everyone. So, it will be airing on all popular platforms like-

  • Crunchyroll
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime

Haikyuu Season 4 Official Trailer

The trailer is one minute long and does not reveal much about the new season.

It starts with the recap of the key moments from the previous seasons notably the last smash of Hinata which led Karasuno to victory against Shiratorizawa.

They gave a hint towards the update of the character design of Hinata and Kageyama through an illustration in the latter part of the trailer.

The trailer also had two OSTs Just 1 Point and The Battle Of Concepts to provide a nostalgic feel to the fans.

Haikyuu Season 4 Character Design Updates

Good news for the Haikyuu fans! Our insane duo Hinata and Kageyama are getting design upgrades.

Their basic body structure and outfits still look the same but they look more masculine and have thicker body features that show their growth and development.

From the character designs, we can see that both of them have gotten increased muscle mass as compared to when they first came to Karasuno.

Also, to show their growth, both of them have a more masculine, stronger and thicker body now in contrast to the previous seasons.

Design Updates For Other Characters

The characters from other schools have received several design updates as well! It is apparent that there are some visual updates on their face and now they have more masculine body features.

The art style looks much cleaner and detailed now as compared to the previous seasons.

Furthermore, they have changed the outfit of Fukurodani Academy into a darker shade of blue.

Haikyuu OVA Specials Update

The Land vs Sky OVA episode will show the match between Nekoma Cats and the Fukurodani Owls.

On the other hand, the second OVA The Volleyball Way is based on Chapter 205 of the manga and will focus on Nekoma taking on Nohebi Academy.

What To Expect From Haikyuu Season 4

Season 4 of Haikyuu is expected to have 25 episodes because the manga is at least 2.5 seasons ahead of the anime. However, any official confirmation is yet to be made.
The storyline of season 4 will start with their entrance to the Nationals of High School Volleyball as shown at the end of season 3 and it will continue from there.

Season 4 will also show the training of Kageyama in the National Youth Intensive Training Camp for volleyball. He received its invitation in season 3.

Official Title for Haikyuu Season 4

Haikyuu Season 4 will release with a new title just like the previous seasons. This means the new season will not be titled “Haikyuu Season 4” and instead, it will have a proper name. However, any official announcement is not made for now. Therefore, the new title is not yet announced.

Haikyuu Plot (season 1- 3)

Haikyuu Season 1

Haikyuu season 1 starts with a boy named Hinata Shoyou who loves volleyball and looks up to a player well known as The Little Giant. Hinata is very passionate about volleyball and loves the sport.

He lacks proper training as his school is not focused on volleyball. He makes a temporary volleyball team with his friends who don’t play volleyball so that he can participate in the inter-school volleyball tournament.

Hinata who is a fairly short player for volleyball compensates for his height with his good stamina and leg strength. Although he is not very tall he can jump very high as compared to the other players of his age.

Hinata clashes against a guy called Tomio Kageyama who is known as the volleyball prodigy since his junior high.

The plot starts with the match of Hinata’s inexperienced team playing against the really strong team of Kageyama which was more or less a one-sided match. Hinata calls out Kageyama after the match and vows to himself that one day he will defeat Kageyama.

After Junior High, both Kageyama and Hinata end up in the same school Karasuno High. Later, it becomes complicated as they find out they are on the same team. They were supposed to be rivals but now they have to play together.

Karasuno High which used to be one of the top high schools for volleyball but now things are different.

Karasuno High School is known as the ‘fallen champions’ or ‘flightless crows’ these days. Things will soon start to change as they are going to get some of the most talented and passionate rookies Kageyama and Hinata in their team.

Haikyuu Season 2

In season 2 the anime revolves around the training in Tokyo summer camp of different high schools to prepare them for their volleyball games. Hinata and Kageyama have scored really poor marks in exams. As a result, they didn’t get permission to attend the summer camp. But somehow the school permitted them to roll on. Soon both of them join the team at the training center.

All the teams attending the practice session were top notch. It’s like- Karasuno was the weakest team. But you know- ” Practice makes a man perfect”. Each member of the Karasuno develops or flourish skills.

Besides this, Hinata and Kageyama improve their quick attack. All the other teams also help each other to improve. The last day of the training session ends with a barbeque feast.

Obviously, after that Karasuno was not in the list of weak teams. They enter in winter cup, and this time no matter what, they have to win. So, yeah they defeat Aobajohsai and advances to finals.

Haikyuu Season 3

Haikyuu Season 3 is the result of the other 2 seasons. All the hard work they did, all the failures they face and this they come back with- ” Crow with properly functioning wings”. They were no longer can be called- “crow without wings.” But they were against Shiratorizawa.

To honest, it feels like their ace- Wakatoshi Ushijima was on a whole new level. His spikes were like the- Unstoppable bullet.

But our crows don’t know when to give up. Each player, I mean each and every player give his everything in order to fight Shiratorizawa. And guess what? Hinata’s final spike led Karasuno to victory against Shiratorizawa.

Haikyuu Season 4 Spoilers

The Season 3 ended with the victory of Karasuno over Shiratorizawa High. Karasuno secures a guaranteed spot in the nationals with that win. The first half of season 4 will focus on the training and development of the teams.
The fourth season will continue where season 3 left off. Kageyama receives an invitation for the National Youth Intensive Training Camp for volleyball.
However, Hinata did not receive the invitation. To rub salt into the wound, even Rei Tsukishima also receives the invitation for a first- years training camp.

The first years of Karasuno end up going in different directions to learn and improve their skills.
Hinata sneaks into the first year’s training camp but gets discovered by the coaches during the roll call. Hinata talks to the coach of Shiratorizawa to allow him to stay as a ball boy. Now he can only observe the practice matches instead of playing.
There’s also a bonus for the Haikyuu fans who have been waiting eagerly for the upcoming season, mentioned in this article. So, make sure you read it carefully until the end.

 Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date And Major Updates Poster Spoilers revealed

Haikyuu is a popular Japanese shounen manga, started airing back in February 2012. The manga is written and illustrated by one and only, Haruichi Furudate who started off his career by King Kid. Later on, Production I.G and Sentai Filmworks made an anime series adaption in April 2014. The series did a good job of creating a huge fanbase for the anime, resulting in a quick production of the second season of Haikyuu.

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