Hello Me! Episode 13 Recap Spoilers and Release date, Predictions

All the rom-com fans of K-drama, hope you all are updated with Hello Me!. If not, we have your back. Hello Me! episode 12 aired on March 25.

Let’s look at its ratings, shall we? It has been rated a solid 7.1/10 on IMDb and 4.8/5 on Google users. Let’s see what all Hello Me! episode 13 has in store for us as it already has been so good so far.


Hello Me! episode 13 release date

Hello Me! episode 13 is expected to release on 31st March 2024.

Where can you watch Hello Me!

It will be available on Netflix and KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)

Recap of Hello Me! episode 12

At the very beginning of the episode, we see Yo Hoon and Bahn Ha Ni being called for an investigation for a case of plagiarism.

While everyone is tensed, Ji-Eun apologizes to her husband about something and was crying, it seemed like guilt tears but then she didn’t get the chance there to tell him as they were interrupted by Mrs. Han and her legal team following her.

Hello Me! Episode 13 Recap Spoilers and Release date, Predictions

There was something fishy about the newbie at the cafeteria Seung Sok who reacted weirdly when Yo Hoon was taken for investigation. Nothing serious happened they were asked questions about if or if not they have plagiarized the new product by Geoseong confectionery. Both the product proposal was exactly the same.

Although no strict actions were taken against them, Ha Ni was scared that she might lose her job and also she worked so hard on this project. She freaked out when she came home and did not found Scarlett (her teen self) in the house. They had a fight when she came back, and later Yo Hoon saw her crying on a bench and he consoled her with words and his specialty puppy face.

We see Yo Hoon growing bold with his father as he is sick nowadays. Scarlet might have helped Anthony in getting his “last chance” to save his fame by a pep talk.

Yo Hoon found out that Seung Sok was the one who stole the recipe and gave it to Mrs. Han. Meanwhile, Do Yun also found out that her mother and wife was involved, but he chooses to protect them from allegation and clean all the evidence they have left.

Ji-Eun was guilty and went to meet Ha Ni and they had a great time together and also Ji-Eun told that she was pregnant. Ji Eun and Ha Ni became friends again after their big fight.

Hello Me! Episode 13 Recap Spoilers and Release date, Predictions

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Later in the episode, we witness a picnic where Ha Ni, Scarlet, Anthony, and Yo Hoon seem to have a fun time together and Scarlett sets up Ha Ni and Yo Hoon on an unofficial blind date, and Anthony got the part.

Hello me ep 12 picnic

You all are going to get very sad if you thought that this is going to be a happy ending episode since we see another scam in Jao confectionery done by Of course Mrs. Han and his son helping her now in all her bad deeds.

She adulterated one of the baby food products and got a reputed food blog to write about it, and then the food investigation committee held a raid at their factory and Mr. Han had a panic attack at eventually collapsed on the ground. Yo Hoon ran to his father once he got a phone call.

Both of the Hani were encountered by their mother when they reached home.

Predictions of Hello Me! Episode 13

The preview here gives a lot of spoilers and prediction theories itself. Yo Hoon would be sad and busy with his father being ill, and there is a prediction that Mr. Han might also lose his eyesight.

That is going to be devastating for him. Will Ha Ni and Scarlet”s secret that they are not mother and daughter but actually, the same person that came from the past gets revealed? I think not, the director would not give away this climax this soon.

We see a glimpse of Scarlet talking about their dad and then abruptly talking about Scarlet’s death. We see an almost accident scene, but we are not sure. I guess we will have to wait till 31st March to get answers.