What will happen in Vincenzo Episode 11? Spoiler and recap

The amazing writing and super cool cinematic scenes, charms of the lead actors, action, and top of all suspense and solid ratings. Yes, Vincenzo episode 11 will be keeping its reputation and fanbase up by this checklist. Vincenzo is only halfway released and already 8.3 on IMDb and 4.9 on google users ratings.

Before discussing what might or might not happen in Vincenzo episode 11, let’s have a recap of episode 10 because we can see some mindblowing plot twists coming up.

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Vincenzo ep10 opening scene

Episode 10 starts with Vincenzo and Cha young running to an accident site where you see 4 people who send a selfie before heading to their road trip to Cha young.

This emotional scene is followed by cha Young and Vincenzo in the police station where Cha young is having a heated argument with the police because they would not file for an autopsy because the incident seemed like a suicide. Cha young decided this the last time she cries and allows Vincenzo to break their promise and kill the real boss of the company Babel whenever they reach him.

Vincenzo decided to handle things the mafia way and caught the police officers red-handed with filthy money and then we know what would happen, they have the autopsy report and the CCTV footage the next morning.

The lawyer mind of Cha young tries out the mockery method to trigger the evil team of the company Babel and come after them and then they will catch the real boss. Woo Joo was quick to recognize that this is their strategy. This strategy did not work but it was fun for us.

Vincenzo ep 10

Now, time for some mafia action! Vincenzo threatens the prosecutor, CEO, and the chairperson of the Woosang law firm with his original death threat of leaving a letter C at every threat with the help of all the tenants. Of course, it gets reported to Woo Joo and he decided to kill Vincenzo and deliberately called Cha young to meet him as he has some tea to spill about Woosang.

Before we get into the electrifying action scenes we will have to acknowledge the action by Mr. Tak when he tackled a whole gang named Double sword with his scissors. The gang came to make the tenants leave the plaza and were about to hurt one of them.

Vincenzo ep 11 start scene

Vincenzo being a mafia and a smartie he is drove to a silent place so that no one is hurt and then they have a very thrilling gunfight and then after conquering them checks one of the attacker’s phone and asks him who is the person that he saved as chairperson in his call logs.

Before he can tell him anything Cha young reaches there with two of the tenants and Woo Joo and runs into Vincenzo’s arms (of course in slow motion), because she was worried about him. Vincenzo tells her that he knows who is the real boss of Babel and slowly walks towards Woo Joo and then we all die of suspense because this is the perfect moment to end the episode.


Vincenzo episode 11 release date:

The release date of Vincenzo Episode 11 is March 27

Where can you watch Vincenzo episode 11?

Netflix and TVN release date and if you wait a few days it will be available on Viki

Vincenzo episode 11 spoiler and expectations

Vincenzo episode 10 ending scene

Well, Vincenzo finally knows who is the real boss and the real boss also comes to know his real mafia identity. It is also suspected that Vincenzo will be investigated on his past and might also end up in jail.

We might or might not see Vincenzo in handcuffs. Vincenzo’s hidden purpose of coming to Korea gets exposed? Does Vincenzo kill someone? Vincenzo in jail? All this can be just a prediction or might a spoiler. We will have to wait and watch.