Hello Me! episode 16

Hello Me! episode 16 aka the last episode of the series was aired on 8th April 2024 on Netflix. This drama gained a lot of viewers than expected as the concept is concerned with self-esteem in an interesting way, which is a little out of style in concepts of k-dramas nowadays, I would say. The trend right now is murders mysteries, psychopaths, thrillers, sci-fi, political and legal. This shows the growth of k-dramas concepts as I move ahead in time.

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This drama also moved ahead in time when middle-aged Bahn Ha Ni met her younger self when she came from the past to tell her future self that she needs to get her life back on track and make it happen just like she used to live when she was 17-years old.

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Hello, Me! was an adaptation of a novel by Kim Hye Jung named ‘Fantastic Girl’ in 2011.


Is there a Hello, Me! season 2?

Well, the time when I am writing this, there is no announcement for season 2 for Hello Me!

There is a lot of mixed feelings about season 2, as predicted from the Hello Me! episode 16 the writers have not given us much to get excited about the next season. Everything and every story going on in the drama had a happy ending and proper closure. We will discuss more it later.

Another reason why we don’t think that there is going to be a season 2 because most of the Korean dramas wrap up their motive of the story within one season for production reasons. Again, this is not true for some exceptional Korean dramas.

We can still hope to get a season 2 but there is no plot left to follow other than Bahn Ha Ni and Yoo Hyun’s new relationship, but again that part will not focus on the main concept of the story and will become more like a romantic story follow up.

Highlights of Hello Me! episode 16

a. Yoo Hyun told both the Hanis that he had met their father and he was the one who took him to his mother’s funeral and comforted him.

b. Anthony decides to leave his acting career and donate all his savings to the charity for bullied kids. We see later in the episode that he started a small restaurant and became an angel for bullied kids by rescuing them from the bullies. He also told Hani that he was the one who told her parents that she went to the auditions because he was so angry at her to break up with him on text.

c. Hani (teen) dreamed about her father for the first time after she time traveled. It was a place where she went to click pictures outside for the first time. Her father told her the way back to her timeline in the dream.

d. She leaves for the tunnel without telling Hani (present) because she didn’t couldn’t handle saying goodbye face to face as she already has to face her father’s death when she reaches there. Her grandma’s comforting advice and Hani’s words helped her get through the pain.

e. Hani’s grandma recognized present Hani and told her that she no longer thinks that she was the reason behind her father’s death. Another closure right there.

f. Hani and Ji Eun became more close. Yoo Hyun started to work as an employee at his cousin’s brother’s company. Mr. Ji Man gave the company to Mrs. Han’s son.

g. Min Gyeong Sik became an actor and took Anthony’s place as Alexandro.

h. Yoo Hyun and Hani went for a little walk but it became a date either.

i. Hani writes a letter to her past self and ends it with Goodbye, Me!