Huge AVENGERS MOVIE Coming Before AVENGERS 5! There is another Avengers – like film happening before we get Avengers 5 in the MCU. A film that will be like Captain America Civil War and have many new MCU characters as well as New Avengers team members. Captain Marvel 2 will be like Captain America Civil War and set up the New Avengers 5 team. Reported by Cosmic Wonder Youtube.

Wouldn’t it be just great if you get to see a mini- Avengers movie just like Captain America: Civil war was like? Well, the good news is, sources have revealed that there is a new mini- Avengers movie coming out before Avengers 5! More Marvel Content here.

It is being said that this new movie will be a sequel to none other than Captain Marvel. In this movie, Captain Marvel 2, you will be getting to see the Avengers again and it is also being said that the movie will be introducing at least a couple of new characters as well.

Reports say that Captain Marvel:2 is going to be very similar to Captain America: Civil War, an excellent move by marvel. Even though there are people in the fandom who disliked Captain Marvel, and didn’t really like the movie, there are a lot of fans who loved it. Captain Marvel made over a billion dollars in the box office.

So, by making Captain Marvel a Mini Avengers movie similar to CivilWar, we can sure say that Captain Marvel 2 is going to be a huge success at the box office. Also, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios has confirmed that Captain Marvel is going to go on and lead the Avengers and Captain Marvel sequel will set up the new Avengers.

Now, you must be wondering what else is special about the movie. Sources say that the movie will be adapting the secret invasion storyline as rumors say.

Furthermore, Marvel has already announced a Miss Marvel disney+ show, and Marvel Studios president also said that these shows will be going to affect what happens in the MCU and movies. So, to keep up,  you might as well watch the Disney plus shows that keep coming out.

Now, as you remember, Captain America: Civil War was an important movie that set the stage for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Reports say that Captain Marvel 2 is going to set the stage for what happens in the next Avengers movie. This means New characters will be introduced.

Captain Marvel 2 is set to premiere in Summer or Fall of 2024 means until then we will be seeing ger on Disney plus shows.

As of now, Spiderman is said to be on the film and we might be seeing Nova being introduced as well (since Captain Marvel in a cosmic character, this might be the gateway to his introduction). What’s more, is that we might be seeing one of our MCU characters in MCU for the first time.

It’s very possible that Captain Marvel could have run into nova which is a great gateway to lead to his introduction in Captain Marvel 2.

And according to Mikey Sutton, it looks like Marvel Studios is going to be taking a page from the comics in marvel team up number 62 where Carol Danvers back then miss marvel and Spider-Man team up to fight the super scroll.

If there’s a Super Skrull that leads us to believe that they’re going to be another Skrull as well which are most likely not like the good scroll that we saw in the first film but are most likely bad and that brings us back to the first report that the plot of the movie is going to be a secret invasion.

Now as many of you know either from the comics or the first Captain Marvel film the scroll can shapeshift and secret invasion was about the invasion of the Skrull who was secretly replacing many of the superheroes in the universe with imposters over a period of years.

We’ve actually already kind of seen this in the MCU in Spider-man far from home Nick Fury and Maria hill were secretly Talos and his wife, now obviously Talos and his wife are good Scrull and they were working for Nick Fury and what we presume to be sword but there are bad Skrulls out there.

With the super scroll coming there could be the reality that the Skrull are actually shape-shifting into some heroes that we know and love and this could be why all of these characters are going to be coming together in Captain Marvel 2.


To figure out who’s really who which heroes are heroes and which ones are impostors by Scrull this would give the illusion that the heroes are fighting each other when really they’re fighting Skrulls who are impersonating them but this would kind of be a way to give it that civil war feel heroes fighting heroes

Now the last thing that Mikey Sutton has said about captain marvel 2 is that rogue will be set up towards the end to be a future main villain so that could go on to set up the new Avenger’s plot mutants now exist in the MCU and we’re going to find out that not all of them are good so if even a little bit of this ends up becoming true Captain Marvel 2 is going to be a crazy insane film.

Captain Marvel 2 is the one that I will definitely be excited to watch especially with the inclusion of many of the new Avengers characters like captain marvel herself miss marvel spider-man possibly nova and if we’re lucky maybe even a few mutants but let me know what you think about captain marvel 2 being a mini avengers film would this get you excited to watch Captain Marvel 2 and who would you like to see

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