Hello, everyone. FUNIMATION and TOEI are BOTH teasing a BIG Dragon Ball 2019 Announcement. Funimation and TOEI both tweeted today on twitter about ‘Something legendary is coming’… But both tweeted with pics of different Dragon Balls. One has 3 stars and the other has 4, so it might be the case that they will announce something on 4th of March 2019 most likely or 3rd of April 2019. Currently, nothing is certain.

Updated Tweet:

Is it long anticipated Dragon Ball Super RETURNING officially with Episode 132 or a new season 2? Is it a Dragon Ball Super Broly Sequel? Is it a NEW DBZ Video game? Or is it the 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Z 2019 Blu Ray Remasters? We talk all this and more in this article! As reported by Geekdom101. 

Eventually, it turned out to be the Dragon Ball Z Remastered.

We do believe based on earlier information as per Geekdom101 that this might be the Digital Blueray brand new Remasters 2019 Dragon Ball Z 30th Anniversary Blueray Collection.

As soon as we get new information, we will update you. Whatever it is, it would be an international thing, not Japan exclusive as the tweets were for the whole world about something Legendary is coming! Let’s see what we get. Wait for March 4 (Likely) or April 3, 2019.

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