Kingdom Chapter 676 Reveals, Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

The kingdom is  Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalized account of the fighting States amount primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the foremost vital general beneath the heavens, and in doing this, unifying China for the primary time in history.

Kingdom Chapter 676 Reveals, Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

Kouchou transferral a budget Shunsuiji, or Kanki’s strategy.

With Kochou’s main army of 150k men getting into the field of battle against Kanki’s meagerly ten thousand troopers, currently, Ousen encompasses a clear read of capturing Heiyou and Bujou.

But Kanki simply looks to possess some strategy happening in his head, as he ordered to stay offensive Zhao’s greatest General. whereas things change for an additional Coalition/Sanyou level arc, we tend to bring the updates on an ensuing chapter of Kingdom.


Kingdom Chapter 676: Preview

With Kanki pressing on with the attack, Ousen may send the word to Ouhon and Shin to maneuver on with the left-of-center.

Within the next chapter, we’d see Ouhon making an attempt to surrender Zhao to try to do one thing desperately, and that’s once Kanki and Shin might show up.


Knowing Kanki, he’s in all probability fishing to line up Ousen and can later realize the simplest way to slide in and steal the conclusion for himself, as he’s the sort of character United Nations agency plays allies and enemies alike to return out on prime.

Kingdom Chapter 675: Recap

At the Eikyuu frontlines, Kanki’s left wing’s main unit is coping with significant casualties attributable to the piece of ground advantage that Zhao has over them.

Just as the Gyoku Hou unit was designing on retiring from Eikyuu and causation a traveler to Kanki informing matters, Maron, Kanki’s shut consultant visits the frontline.

Kingdom Chapter 676 Reveals, Release Date, Spoilers, Read Online

Ouhon understands that taking Eikyuu would confer a strategic advantage, nonetheless, he tells Maron to raise Kanki to transform his setup because it is not possible to defeat Zhao with the piece of ground disadvantage they need over Eikyuu.

However, Maron belittles the Gyoku Hou unit for whiny and orders to capture Eikyuu at any value, because the Kanki army reaching Heiyou is on their shoulders currently.

Meanwhile, the Hi Shin Unit has finally reached the frontline, associated nonetheless they haven’t received an order to hitch any army on the piece of land.

As they discuss that army to hitch of their volition, Shin receives the report of Gyoku Hou connexion the Kanki’s sect and changing into their main force.

With no choice to flip back currently, the Gyoku Hou unit charges at Zhao, and also the assault on Eikyuu begins.

At the Kanki Army headquarters, Maron delivers the message that Gyoku Hou has engaged the enemy and suggests to Kanki that Gyoku Hou would possibly fail to overcome Eikyuu.


Maron proposes Kanki fall back a small amount as they’ve already created a lot of progress in their invasion than Ousen and Youtanwa, and losing the sect would possibly place their army in a very prickly state of affairs.

However, Kanki orders to stay assaultive from central and right armies too.

As Qin keeps pressing against Zhao’s densely strengthened front lines, the good General of Zhao, Kouchou, heads out along with his main army of one hundred fifty,000 men towards Kanki’s main army.

Kingdom Chapter 676: Release Date

Chapter 676 of the Kingdom manga will be released on Sunday on Apr 18th, 2024. The chapter title has not been leaked yet. It will be available to read on VIZ officially.

Kingdom Chapter 676: Spoilers

Raw Scans for chapter 676 of the Kingdom haven’t been discharged, however. The scans typically come back abreast of the web 2-3 days before weekly unleash.

Following the trend, the scans could get discharged around Apr 15.

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