Lucifer season 6? Release date and Last episode title

Lucifans are going to love this or either faint out of excitement. Two big great news within 24 hours? After fans were upset about Lucifer’s short comeback in just a second of Season 5. All those petitions about extending the series for one more season have made their way to Lucifer’s writer and we are finally getting Lucifer season 6!!!! Yayyy!!!

Lucifer is a Netlfix show which is an adaption based on the Vertigo/DC Comics and characters of the same name. The ratings have pretty much told us how has it been doing. It has a solid 8.1/10 on IMDb and 4.9/5 on Google users. Seems like Lucifan fanbase is going to increase with the upcoming episodes.

If you are not aware of Lucifer’s season 5b release date, then this might be a little confusing for you. The news came out by Lucifer’s official Twitter account along with a short video with the number “666” and said, “the devil made us do it”. Not to kill all your excitement but I figured that most of you did not read the last two words in the tweet, just like me. It says “FINAL final” which means this is going to be the last season for Lucifer.


Release date of Lucifer season 6

The release date for Lucifer season 6 is yet to be announced i.e the status for the date is TBA (to be announced). Since we have waited till now, we might wait a little more and binge-watch the old episodes maybe. We still have time before season 5b is released.

Where to watch Lucifer season 6?

Lucifer season is going to be released on Netflix.

No. of episodes in Lucifer season 6

There are going to be 10 episodes in Lucifer season 6. Again, this is going to be the last season of the series.

Episode titles of Lucifer season 6

Episode 601- Nothing Ever Changed Around Here- Written by Mike Costa

Episode 602- Buckets of Baggage- written by Jen Graham Imada

Episode 603- Yabba Dabba Do Me- written by Joe Henderson

Episode 604- Pin The Tain On The Baddie- written by Carly Woodworth

Episode 605- The Murder of Lucifer morning star- written by Lloyd Gilyard Jr.

Episode 606- A Lot Dirtier Than That- written by Ildy Modrovich

Episode 607- My Best Friend- written by Julia Fontana

Episode 608- Save the devil, Save the world – written by Aiyana White

Episode 609- Goodbye, Lucifer- written by Chris Rafferty

Episode 610- Partners till the end written by Joe Henderson and Idly Modrovich

Woah! the names themselves are enough to get me excited snd impatient about what’s going to happen?

Other updates about Lucifer season 6

Well, Joe Henderson (co-showrunner) updates us on Oct 6, 2020, that they have finished with the shooting of season 5 and had started with the shooting of Lucifer season 6 and by now, they must have completed the shoot and we should be ready for the release date and episode’s release schedule.

We also know that DB Woodside is returning to the show for seasons 6 as informed in his tweet.

We have more guest entries for the new seasons. Along with Scott Porter, Chris Coy, and Rob Zabrecky are also joining the cast.

That’s all we have, for now, get ready with your revision on the last episodes in case you don’t remember what happened in Lucifer season 5.