You are well aware that college admissions become more competitive every year. You should focus on your grades and score as these are the most important things that schools will consider. They receive hundreds of applications and not all of them are alike.

To make the best decisions, schools look to college essays. It is impossible to predict the role that the paper will play in this process. This is why it is important to ensure that your essay stands out. We asked the best websites that write essays for you what they can share with students. These tips will help students make writing essays easier.


1. Check out the prompt

Although we know how absurd this sounds, you’d be surprised at how many students only glance at it. The paper contains instructions that you must follow when writing essays, as well as information about the topic. Many college administrations will tell you that answering the prompt’s question is the most important thing you need to do. Many people don’t take the time to read the instructions and therefore do not write the essay that is required. This vital step can help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Tell your story


Imagine how many essays admission officers have to read each year. They forget the majority of them, which is something you should avoid. This goal can only be achieved if you write your own story.

You have many great stories and accomplishments from your past. You don’t need to tell every detail. However, it is possible to share enough information to create a compelling story. It’s possible to share information about a person or book that has made a difference in your life. It can be difficult to choose one, and you might feel overwhelmed if your writing skills are not great.

3. Write drafts


You can’t just promise yourself that you will write an essay in one day and then not actually accomplish it. It doesn’t work this way. It takes students weeks to finish it, and even longer to think about what they will write. Take as much time as necessary. Writing an essay is not easy. Talk about the topic with siblings, friends, family, or even teachers and school advisors. They might offer fresh perspectives or advice on how to best analyze a subject.

You can brainstorm ideas and discuss them with others. Then, make a list to cover possible topics. Next, start to work on each one individually until you are clear about which topic requires your full attention. Only then can your first draft be completed.

4. Be honest


This can be a difficult task for some people. However, you can still show your personality and traits without being too open about it. Many students attempt to portray themselves as someone they aren’t. Students believe that saying the right things will improve their chances of being accepted into schools. This is false. Admission officers will appreciate your honesty and will remember your application.

5. Retell your story, but not just the details

This is where the real challenge lies. You will first write an essay about an important event in your life. No matter how fascinating it might seem, admission officers won’t be able to see the same impact on your essay.

You don’t have to retell the story again. Instead, reflect on it. Describe why this event is important to you. What did it make you feel like? What lessons did you take away from the experience What did the event do to your attitude towards important matters? There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. Nobody can tell you what to feel about certain topics or how you should behave. This essay should be viewed as an opportunity for you to voice your opinion and, most importantly, to support them with valid arguments.

6. Positive thinking is key


This will depend on what story you choose. Some students have had to go through a lot and feel the need share their experiences. We understand that you may feel the same, and it is fine to do so. Admission officers recommend that you end your essay with a positive note. It will impress them to hear about your hardships and the solutions you found. They will be impressed by your problem-solving abilities and character.

7. Let someone else do the editing

After you have completed the paper, someone must edit it. It is not something that you can do by yourself. Why? This is due to two factors. You cannot be objective. This means that you won’t be able to see the flaws that need fixing. We can almost guarantee that you will make spelling and grammar mistakes. Human brains work in a complex way. It can be hard to spot mistakes when you are the one making them.

Ask several people to review and edit your essay. You can ask anybody you like, but it is important to include your favourite teacher and school counselor. Why? They are familiar with the requirements for your application and will quickly spot any mistakes.