Howdy, everyone. A new Marvel Avengers Endgame ‘Promo Poster’ was officially revealed that gives us some details or say ‘Spoilers’ for the movie releasing on April 26th and on April 24th in some countries, there are other country-specific air dates as well. So this was the spoiler warning, proceed with caution!

The new ‘Promo Poster’ was reported by the MCU Direct Twitter Account, you all can see it below.

We can clearly see that ‘Professor Hulk’ will appear in the Endgame.

Other Avengers: Endgame Reveals

Also, yesterday the movie clip which was released by Marvel officially contained a low pitch/voice dialogue by possibly Captain Marvel saying to Thor that ‘I have Telepathy’. You can clearly listen to that below but we advise you to listen to it carefully.

Today Covers of the Entertainment Weekly were also revealed. All credits to EW:

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