Hello, everyone. We have got a piece of big breaking news, guess what? We have got the biggest ever and that too new Footage of Avengers Endgame besides the Trailer. But this might spoil you watch at your own risk.

We have big major reveals in this trailer, some of the noticeable ones are shown below.

Tickets went on sale today this morning and with it, we got some amazing new footage in a special look from Marvel Studios this morning it’s a 1 minute special look for Avengers Endgame with all new footage.

The special look opens with a shot of the Avengers compound and it starts with banner saying if we do this we’ll be going in short-handed he’s talking about here is what we’ve actually predicted for some time now and that is that the Avengers will actually go and try to fight Thanos not too long after the snap in the very beginning of Avengers endgame they’re short-handed because half of the Avengers got killed in the snap.

Full New Trailer Breakdown

We have Tony and Pepper reuniting after Tony returns back.

A look at the Iron Man Mark 85 suit.

The new ship in which they will travel to fight Thanos

The three Avengers unite to fight Thanos- Thor, Captain America, Iron Man.

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