MHA S5: The Most Streaming Anime In The First Week Of Spring 2024! Highlights Of Ep 1-3

My Hero Academia anime is known for being one of the best ongoing modern shounen series at the moment in many aspects. MHA does things week in terms of character development, fights, designs, and concept. And because of the popularity of the shonen series, it naturally got as huge as it did. Now let’s talk about the highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3.

My Hero Academia takes the crown in the first week of Spring 2024 with its Season 5, first 3 episodes! In this article, you will learn about the story so far. More like the highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3.

Note: No spoilers are involved in this article.


MHA S5, Ep 1( All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A): Bakugo’s Rage!

On arrival at the scene, class 1-A split into teams: the reconnaissance team, the rescue team, the disaster relief team, and the team Bakugo. Within these teams, each character shows off their unique powers in their way.

We also get some cool moments like Shoto using his ice wall again and Mina, Uraraka & Sero do an awesome team-up move. But, just when it seems like class 1-A has everything under control, Nejire & Tamaki show up playing the role of villains.

Later, a conflict breaks out between class 1-A & a big tree and so a battle ensues. Tamaki proves to be a bit more of a problem, that is until the team Bakugo rides up in a sports car. That’s right, Bakugi, Kirishima & Kaminari hijack a car, forming a straight-up drive-by on Tamaki.

While Kirishima headbutts his fathom compadre and Bakugo’s pure unrelenting tenacity utterly terrifies Tamaki. Class 1-A completes their disaster simulation training with flying colors!

Not before Bakugo blows up Tamaki for hesitating, believing he wasn’t taking their fight seriously. We get to see Bakugo’s some rage here! By the end of this article, you will learn the highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3.

My Hero Academia S5, Ep 2(Vestiges): That’s a Bad Scar!

The title “Vestiges” explicitly refers to the former One For All relics that visit Midoriya. This is an episode that’s about the future, but it depends upon the past. Midoriya and Endeavor are completely separated throughout this episode.

This episode also draws exciting parallels between Midoriya and Hawks. It’s beautiful to see how Hawks’ admiration towards Endeavor mirrors Midoriya’s ken obsession towards All Might. It’s honestly comforting to see that Hawks is not in the fact a traitor. As he is just playing the long game of infiltration of the League of Villains.

Endeavor’s family still has put up a lot of barriers, but Shoto genuinely wants to give his father the benefit of the doubt. However, this exhibits tremendous growth from where he was during the first two seasons.

It’s fun to see how it actively creates physical similarities between Shoto and his father, now that Endeavor has a scar on his face that matches his son’s. Shoto’s matter-of-factly, “That’s a bad scar” is a subtle and perfect response to the situation.

Also, this makes one of the highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3!

MHA S5, Ep 3(Clash! Class A vs. Class B): Hitoshi Shinso’s Appearance!

This episode begins with Midoriya’s dream about past users and All For One. The First User speaks to him and welcomes him to the ranks on behalf of other past vestiges of the Quirk. After Midoriya wakes up, he realizes that he can’t go back to sleep.

The following day, he tells All Might everything he saw in the dream. When All Might was younger, he also had the same dream. This includes the highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3.

The moment Shinso appears in front of the students of classes 1-A and 1-B at Ground Gamma, he clarifies everyone. Although he knows many of them from previous competitions, he is not there to consolidate any friendship. However, his appearance comes under the list of highlights of MHA S5 Ep 1-3.

He acknowledges that he is far behind the others and sees them as obstacles in his path to become a full hero. Like everyone else, Shinso seems to have received drastic updates in his gear, including a mask and the binding cloth that resembles that of Aizawa.

MHA S5, Ep 4: Release Date & Where To Watch?

My Hero Academia S5, Ep 4 is scheduled to release on Saturday, April 17, 2024, at 5:30 PM with the title “Make It Happen, Shinso!”

You can watch your favorite show on the popular streaming sites Crunchyroll & Funimation. It is also available on Netflix with pretty good subtitles.

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