My Hero Academia Chapter 267

The My Hero Academia Chapter 267 will reveal the fate of Hawks fight whose life is in danger. This post will contain spoilers; My Hero Academia Chapter 267 will release on 5th April 2020.


My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Release Time

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My Hero Academia Chapter 267 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

Spoiler warning this post contains the major raw scan spoilers, leaks, we do not own them.

Spoilers by Nav on Twitter Tokoyami notices fire in a building so I guess that’s how he decides to check it out!

Mirko gets impales from behind by a high end while trying to destroy Shiggy’s capsule.

And Gigantomachia is still waiting!

My Hero Academia Chapter 266 Recap

Hero Hawks vs villain Twice carried on which was interfered by villain Dabi. The chapter 266 began with Hawks confronting Dabi and Twice. Hawks was quite fast enough to dodge all the attacks of Dabi. Hawks displayed his skills as per current No.2 Hero.

Also, Dabi revealed that Hawks’ all attack-type of equipment is almost consumed which means Hawks’ attacks would not be much effective. Dabi attacked Hawks but again Hawks was able to dodge it. While at the moment Dabi reveals his real name, while Hawk is shocked, Twice runs away and protects Compress and Toga sat the other place.

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