Navillera Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers: New Drama Alert Predictions

All the K drama lovers, get your heart, tissues, time, and lost motivation ready because we have been blessed by yet another great drama with exceptionally different concepts and of course high ratings. This Drama is called Navillera and it’s the first episode aired on 22nd March 2024. Only 2 episodes are out and the ratings are going crazy, It has 9/10 on IMDb and 4.9/5 on Google users. Navirella’s 2nd episode recently aired on 23rd March 2024.


About Navillera

Navillera comic book

This drama is an adaptation of a webtoon named Navillera originally written by Hun and Ji- min, casting Park In Hwan as Shim Deok Chul and Song Kang as Lee Chae Rok. Well, what is this hype is all about? We will see when we discuss some highlights of episodes 1 and 2 and also spoilers of episode 3.

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Navillera episode 1 recap and review

The first episode starts with Shim Deok Chul attending his friend’s funeral because he is a 70 years old man with a family of a wife and 3 kids, who are busy with their own thing. Deok Chul starts contemplating life after his retirement and after hearing heartbreaking news of losing his friend of 50 years.

Among all this, he realizes he has never done anything in his life that he loves and he happens to watch 23-year-old Chae Rok practice ballet and he is in awe of ballet and then decides to go watch Swan Lake ballet show after he saw the advertisement on a bus and there he caught a glimpse of Chae Rok who also came to watch. They also took the same bus back home.

Navillera ep 2

Chase Rok is caught in a rut in this phase of life and lacks motivation due to his mother’s death and the fact that his father got out of prison and didn’t even inform him. He starts working part-time in a cafe where a bully named Yang Ho Beom confronts him that he is a son of a prisoner.

Deok Chul had made up his mind that he will learn ballet and wants to keep this a secret from his family and friends.

Navillera episode 2 recap and review

The second episode starts where Mr. Kim introducing Deok Chul and Chae Rok to each other and Chae Rok refuses to teach him because he is so old and thinks it’s just a waste of time, but Mr. Kim somehow forced him to agree but he was not going to go easy on the old man and appoints him to do a ballet stance and balance for 1 minute and he has one week for this. That’s not all Deok Chul is appointed as Chae Rok’s manager after the class.

Deok Chul being a determined person he practiced without letting anyone know and went for the test one week later. Only 10 seconds in he starts sweating but then he gets a flashback of his old days as when he worked as a mailman and was asked to learn all the addresses in a week and he did. This gives him enough courage to maintain his balance for a whole minute. Chae Rok is in disbelieve.

Navillera episode2

After this, the teacher-student duo went to a cafe and Chae Rok asks him if he was an athlete, he refused and also offered him candy. There he Deok Chul tells him that his ultimate dream is to perform on stage once for Swan Lake and also said this might be impossible but he wants to try.

They start training and Rok decides to make him give up on difficult training but Mr. Chul was not going to give up, he came fully prepared for the class and also dresses like his young teacher and follows him while practicing.

After the class, Doek Chul fulfills his manager duties sincerely and very strictly. He makes sure that ballerino does not get hurt in all his so many part-time jobs and takes note in his little diary. All this is portrayed in such a beautiful way, it’s always a treat for the eyes and not to mention Mr.Doek Chul is an absolute cutie.

Navillera episode 3 release date

Navillera episode 3 is going to release on 29th March 2024.

Where to watch Navillera?

Navillera is available on Netflix and TVN.
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Navillera episode 3 spoilers

Well, there is a chance that Doek Chul’s wife finds out about his new hobby. Meanwhile, we will witness more about Chae Rok and his father’s interaction when they both meet on his mother’s death anniversary.

Chae Rok’s condition might get worst due to his fight that picked up at the end of episode 2. Will Chae Rok finally take interest in teaching him ballet? Will Doek Chul’s family find out about his new passion? I guess we will have to wait till 29tn March 2024.