Avengers Endgame New TV Spot
Image by Cosmic Wonder

Hello, everyone. Today a New Avengers Endgame TV Spot”Honor” Marvel Studios. As reported by Cosmic Wonder Youtube. Watch the Endgame TV Spot 2 below:

It says- “We lost all of us, we lost friends, we lost family, today we have a chance to take it all back, we will! Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes!”

In kind of a big surprise, we got a new Marvel Studios of Avengers Endgame TV spot this morning Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers are definitely doing a really good job by keeping us in the dark when it comes to Avengers Endgame.

This new TV spot doesn’t really reveal anything in fact besides the flashbacks on the heroes, that we lost all the footage for Endgame is the same in this trailer, it’s the same footage we saw in the second Official Trailer.

However, some of what Captain America is saying is ‘new’, he says- “we lost all of us, we lost friends, we lost family today, we have a chance to take it all back, we will! Whatever it takes!”

It’s interesting that he says today we have a chance to take it all back, so it seems like he’s saying this before they go on their mission, probably before they go inside of the quantum room, so this is most likely one of Captain America’s pep talks to the Avengers before they go into battle.

One thing to note is that when they show the Avengers walking in the Avengers compound and they just show their silhouettes right before they show a close-up of them in the white suits, Nebula is not in the scene, we see Captain America Tony Stark, Black, Widow rocket Ant-Man, War Machine, and Hawkeye, but we don’t see Nebula.

Although she is in the next scene wearing a white suit just like all of the other Avengers, so unless this is a different scene which I don’t think it is there is clearly some ‘tampering’ going on with these trailers as usual.

I do however think that the final scene in this TV spot with all of the Avengers walking in white including nebula is the real scene and that the scene of them walking from the first trailer was actually meant to throw us off and not give anything away.

That’s it for the new Avengers Endgame TV spot, again only 30 seconds because it’s a TV spot and nothing really new here but we’re almost a month away from the movie coming out it’s getting really exciting.

We’ll probably get a couple more TV spots just like this before the movie comes out so let me know what you think about this new TV spot and let me know what you’re most excited to see in Avengers endgame let me know in the comments down below.

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