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With Spider-Man Far From Home less than a month away, it’s starting to get really exciting and we’re starting to get a lot of new TV spots, new trailers, and new leaks!

It seems like we’re getting a new TV spot at least a few times a week and that will probably continue until Spiderman Far From Home comes out just like Avengers Endgame and now there is a ‘mid-credit scene leak’.

It seems very legit and based on what we’ve seen in Spider-Man Homecoming and what we know about Spider-Man Far From Home, it seems like the route that they would take the next Spider-Man film that we’re going to get!

We’re gonna talk about the leak now and break it down in this article but obviously if you’re trying to avoid any ‘possible spoilers’ for Spider-Man Far From Home, here is your spoiler alert and of course take this leak with a grain of salt (it is an online leak it originated in the Marvel Studios spoilers reddit page.)

Just like Avengers Endgame, we got many leaks for the movie and of course, not all of them were true, only some of them were.

This comes from somebody who supposedly worked on the ‘Mid-credits scene’ for Spider-Man Far From Home and it reads as follows:

The mid-credits scene starts off in a dark room with chilling and villainous music, a defeated and sad looking Mysterio looks out the window from a building at night time.

The shop is within the building looking outwards so you can’t see the building itself, a voice is heard in the background which sounds Russian which says something like “he beat us once but soon he’s going to pay”, Mysterio turns around and the voice is revealed to be from the ‘Chameleon’ in his costume.

Mysterio then says, “Dimitri thanks for having my back out there”, Chameleon replies with -“don’t worry there are more of us” right then the music gets darker while the ‘Vulture’ with similar outfit as Homecoming with a few modifications, Scorpion outfit similar to comics but few differences, Shocker different outfit than homecoming looks like the red and yellow suit from the comics and a man in a business suit walk in from another room.

The businessman gathers the villains together and says I have a proposal, the camera pans out to the outside of the building which is the old stark slash ‘Avengers Tower’ which has the name ‘Oscorp’ in green font right where the stark logo used to be!

Now this is obviously a setup for ‘Norman Osborn’ and ‘The Sinister Six’, this is something that we actually thought was going to be in Spider-Man Far From Home, by the way, Spider-man Homecoming went especially with its characters after hearing reports that Scorpion, Vulture, and Chameleon are not going to be in Spider-Man Far From Home.

Many people were wondering what happened to the setup and spider-man homecoming for those characters, so we won’t be getting ‘The Sinister Six’ in the current movie but according to this ‘leak’ the mid-credits scene is supposedly going to set them up to appear in Spider-man 3 (Next Spider-man Movie)

Image belongs to Marvel

Another point about this mid-credits scene leak is that it doesn’t tell us anything about ‘Phase 4’ but this goes along with what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said when he told us that- we will not be getting any information about Phase 4 until after Spider-man far from home, so this mid-credits scene sticks true to what Kevin Feige said about Phase 4.

It doesn’t really tell us anything about the future of the MCU, it really just tells us about the next Spider-Man film, now in the first Spider-Man Far From Home trailer that we got we saw the ‘old Avengers Tower’ in the background being rebuilt.

It was under construction but in the new clip for spider-man far from home that we got the other day it was completed, so of course everybody is wondering what is this new building and who is the person that bought it, well Norman Osborn buying the old Avengers tower and turning it into the Oscorp building makes perfect sense!

And is pretty much what everybody is speculating right now, so there are some big points to this mid-credits scene leak and it would be really awesome to see the sinister six, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin and Oscorp in Spider-man 3.

But let me know what you think about this and yeah take this Leak with a grain of salt this could very well just be fan-fiction but we’ll find out, when Spider-man far from home releases in less than a month that is on July 2nd, 2019.

So, again, be sure to let me know your thoughts on this in the comments.

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