Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15 Release Date is on September 5, 2019. There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Anime is in discussion now.


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15 Live Countdown

Where to watch Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 15 Officially?

We advise you all to use Official sources to watch Dragon Ball Heroes, here is a link to Official Site where you can watch it in Japanese.

If you want to watch the latest Episode in English Subbed it will be posted by Terez27 on Youtube Channel.

(Episode Translations are generally done by CipherHerms98Sailorspazz and edited and organized by Terez27)

Spoilers for Episode 15

The synopsis was reported by DBS Chronicles on Twitter and translations by Sailorspaz.

Title: “Kamioren Blown Away! Overwhelming! Ultra Instinct!”

Ultimate KamiOren rampages with amazing power. Just then, Goku activates UI and overwhelms Kamioren. But just when the fight is about to end, Hearts seems to have a secret plan.. Streams on 5 September 2019 at 11 AM (Japan Standard Time)

Finally, Goku will activate Ultra Instinct Omen again but there is something that Hearts is planning.

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