Night In Paradise (2024)- Release Date, Cast, Genre, Plot Details

Korean Directors are on fire nowadays, it seems like we are being spoiled by new Korean drama/ movie on Netflix every few weeks. Anyways, no one is complaining. It all good until and unless there is good Korean content for us to consume. I am ranting about the new K-movie Night In Paradise (2024) releasing on Netflix.


The release date for Night In Paradise (2024)

Night In Parasite (2024) is going to release on April 9, 2024.

Where to watch Night In Paradise (2024)?

You can watch this movie on Netflix exclusively.

About Night In Paradise (2024)

Night in paradise (2024)

The reason I am mentioning 2024 because this movie already premiered in 2020 at the 77th Venice International Film Festival (VIFF) on September 3. This movie was released under the “Out Of Competition” category. It was originally going to release in theatres but due to COVID-19 guidelines it was decided and announced that it will be released on a streaming platform- Netflix on April 9, 2024.

The movie is 2 hrs. 11 min. It is directed by Park Hoon Jung. The credit of Producing and Screenplay goes also goes to Park Hoon Jung.

Trailer of Night In Paradise (2024)

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The cast of Night In Paradise (2024)

Ooo, the exciting part, who are the favorites featured in this movie?

Main Roles

Uhm Tae Goo as Tae Soo

Jeon Yeo Bin as Jae Yun

Cha Seung Won as Director Ma

Supporting Roles

Lee Gi Young as Kim Nong Mil

Park Ho San as Gang Boss Yang

Jo Dong In as Jin Sung

The genre of Night In Paradise (2024)

Night in Paradise poster

This movie will fall under the drama category along with thriller and action. We can sense a lot of action and passion stories in the movie and also some amazing landscapes as they mention Jeju Island.

The plot of Night In Paradise (2024)

The trailer and teaser give us dark story vibes, but the basic plot of the story is that Tae Soo is a part of a gang but not by choice because he tries to leave the gang, or maybe he changed his mind. His efforts to leave the gang results in the other gang member killing his sister and his nephew instead. That means whoever the boss is, he does not want him to leave the gang.

Night in Paradise teaser

Due to someone’s suggestion, he flees to Jeju Island, away from the gang. There he meets a lady named Jae Yeon who is believed to be terminating ill. She is exceptionally good at shooting, and when asked so, she replies, she had a target in mind.

The trailer clearly said, ” Witness the other side of paradise”.  Does it also point towards a betrayal?

Already sounds pretty exciting, right? We will get to witness a story of two miserable people developing a love interest maybe?

I think this a must-watch if you like to watch some quality K-drama movies in the thriller genre. This would be a nice break from the mainstream hopeless romantic K-drama.