Sisyphus The Myth episode 13: Release Date, Watch, Predictions

K dramas are improving in terms of science fiction concepts and newly released drama on Netflix Sisyphus the myth is a live proof of that. It has all the cool concepts like time travel and nuclear wars and more relatable time machines. 12 episodes are out and already reached a rating of 7.0/10 on IMDb and 4.7/5 on Google users. Sisyphus the myth episode 12 was released recently on 25th March 2024 and it has been a rollercoaster till now and let’s see what it has in store for us in Sisyphus The Myth episode 13.


The release date for Sisyphus The Myth episode 13

The release date for Sisyphus the myth episode 13 is 31st March, 2024.

Where to watch Sisyphus The Myth episode 13?

You can watch it on Netflix or TVN.

Before we get into the spoilers and predictions of Sisyphus The Myth episode 13, we have to discuss the highlights of the most emotional episodes of the series that are episodes 11 and 12. What would I consider the most emotional episodes? Because we see a beautiful bond growing and deepening between our leads.

Episode 11 showed us Sigma and Our lead’s first kiss and their separation and reunion and much more tea. It also points towards Han Tae Sul and Sigma’s relation to each other.

Sisyphus the myth ep 11

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Recap of Sisyphus The Myth Episode 12 Episode

The episode starts with some more of the flashback of the future about how Seo Heo found the uploader and traveled to the future and how she almost died during the journey but his father came to her rescue and helps her afterward to reach the uploader safely. Of course, they did not give us the full story.

We now witness the present where Seo Heo meets her father and gives him the map to the bunker and have a warm father-daughter talk.

Sisyphus Ep 12

Our lead kind of started dating but of course, they have some bigger things in life like saving the world! They start interrogating Sigma’s painting and Seo Heo finds something weird. Han Tae Sul being the smart engineer he is he found out the real painting behind it and claims he has seen it before. They start going through his elementary school yearbooks and class books, and they found the painting but the name was torn off.

Sisyphus the myth ep-12So they reach the school and there they a teacher recognizes famous CEO Han Tae Sul and starts flirting with him, Seo Heo gets jealous, but won’t admit it. The teacher also took a picture with him and promised she would not post it online but she sends it to someone. The picture also captured Seo Heo in the background.

They found the yearbook in the record room and there Han Tae Sul came across another kid’s record and instantly all his childhood memories came back running to him.

Here we see that Sigma was classmates with Han Tae Sul and was also a secret admirer after Han saved him from some bully kids. Sigma(kid) tries to befriend Tae Sul but as he was working on the blueprint of the time machine he could not talk, but Sigma follows him around and asked him about the little explosion he used to scare away the bully. Sigma informs him that he can see the future and draws it into his paintings,

Sigma was harassed by his drunk father as a kid and hated him, so he decides to burn the whole house using the explosion method “suggested” by Tae Sul. On the day of Sigma’s family’s death, he meets Tae Sul and talks like a psychopath, and also said that he will kill everyone. The kid who played sigma as a kid did a phenomenal job here.

Sisyphus the myth ep 12

Spoiler of Sisyphus The Myth episode 13

We saw how Sigma trapped Seo Heo and Han Tae Sul in the elementary school and was laughing in the playground and inviting Han Tae Sul to play with him just like in old times. The next episode contains mad drama where Sigma will hold a party for the advanced team and also Seo Heo tries to kill Han Tae Sul? All the story till now was planned by Sigma? Sigma can actually see the future? We” ll see.