One Piece Chapter 1029
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One Piece Chapter 1029 will feature Momonosuke saving the flower capital. The OP Chapter 1029 release date is October 24, 2024, spoilers coming soon. Images by Amanomoon.

The fights are getting so intense with each and every chapter, and finally, the climax is about to start with Momonosuke saving the flower capital, Luffy about to have a final fight with Kaidou, and CP-0 about to focus to capture Nico Robbin.

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One Piece Chapter 1029 Release Date and Time, Delayed:

The One Piece Chapter 1029 got delayed due to a break as the chapters earlier were releasing constantly every week. The release date for the upcoming chapter 1029 is October 24, 2024, and the release time is 11:59:59 JST. Officially it might release on the 25th.

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One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1029 Spoilers Status: Chapter Spoilers, Leaks, Drafts, Raw scans, images not released yet

Stay tuned for further leaks, the raw will release around the 22nd of October. We will update you all with any new information as soon as it releases about this new manga chapter release. Bookmark us to see this post later, we will update you all soon.

One Piece Chapter 1028 Recap

The last chapter 1028 of One Piece Manga reveals Luffy vs Kaido with now being able to use his Conquerors Haki with every attack, that even cut clouds above. Luffy is now Pirate King level! Luffy is a Yonko and Emperor.

With the 5 elders & Imu Sama’s order, CP0, Rob Lucci, and World Government has sent marines to capture Wano under their authority, Sanji Awakens his lineage factor modification Powers.

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We explain Sanji Powers in detail and explain if Luffy’s Grand Fleet can come to Luffy’s aide against the upcoming battle with the Marines. Luffy Unlocking a New Haki Level similar to Gol D. Roger, Red-Haired Shanks, Whitebeard, Kaido & Big Mom proves he is on emperor level.

Is Luffy ‘Joy Boy’ confirmed? Momonosuke Adult Dragon Form is super STRONG. Kings Lunaria Race explained, finally, Vega Punk’s Pink Dragon join the fray. Luffy is one step closer to becoming Pirate King, Momo is finally going to reclaim his title Shogun of Wano.

CP0 Will Make Sea Stone bullets and find a way to destroy Poneglyph. Zoro’s family and father are revealed with Zoro’s Father being Ushimaru Shimotsuki. Yamato vs Kaido continues, not long before Monkey D. Luffy and Momonosuke Kozuki. Yamato Will Join the Straw hats, Momonosuke will lift Onigashima and become the true shogun of Wano by saving the Flower Capital and not letting the Onigashima island fall on it.

About One Piece Manga

With more than 1000 chapters published, One Piece is by far one of the longest-running Japanese manga of all time. The series’ protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who sets out from the East Blue Sea on a journey to find the titular treasure and proclaim himself King of the Pirates. Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates embark on a perilous journey to locate the One Piece so that he can form his own crew. The Straw Hat Pirates embark on a group adventure in search of their fortune.

They bought a ship and set sail to fight pirates. Other characters join Luffy’s journey later in the series as the series progresses. When the Going Merry can no longer be repaired, the Straw Hat Pirates take over the Thousand Sunny. The buccaneer crew is out on the high seas looking for treasure and adventure.

The manga is all set to release One Piece Chapter 1029. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the upcoming chapter. Every chapter brings new delight to the fans and it never fails to surprise them.

It is for sure that Luffy will be able to defeat Kaidou and Big Mom somehow, and win the heart of the people of Wano, and continue his journey to Raftel. It is now the worst gen pirates vs the two emperors of the sea, let’s see who will win. We think no marines will be involved.

Few One Piece upcoming Chapter speculations for One Piece Chapter 1029, 1030,1031, 1032 can be the revelation of the will of D and its meaning, Blackbeard interferes in Wano, Garp, Shanks (Red Hair Pirates), the situation of Marines, Revolutionary Army, and Red Hair Pirates joining the battle, Luffy’s Bounty after Wano Arc, the status of Sabo, etc. Will the next chapter bring the fight between emperors and the Worst generation pirates to a conclusion? Will Big Mom pirates break the alliance?

Keep supporting the One Piece Franchise from official sources for the English version, it is at the top spot. In the United States and other countries, you can read it on the Viz website in English and on Mangaplus in Spanish. Till then, read our latest article on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77.

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