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This blog contains all the information about One Piece Manga Chapter 988. The One Piece manga takes place in the Wano Country Arc where already the war has started! Luffy has announced that it is a full-fledged war. The Samurai are fighting to give justice to their country which has been tortured and oppressed for way too long. Law has pledged an alliance with Luffy to bring down Kaido. Kid and the other pirates also hold grudges against him. The Samurai also have Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, the Mink Lords of Zou, fighting on their sides. The base of Beast Pirates, Onigashima, has already been infiltrated by the joined forces of the Ninja, Pirate, Mink, Samurai which has more than 5000 active soldiers. The war has commenced and in the next chapter, the trump cars of the minks will be revealed.


Brief Description About One Piece Manga Chapter 988

The festival with a full moon is the day that is selected by the joined army as the best day to attack. Some of the minks will be able to use Sulong in the full moon and as a result gain a lot more strength. Full moon was already seen peeping in the backdrop of the latest manga. As a result of this, we can see the transformation of Nekomamushi. Sulong will also be used by Inuarashi and the other minks present. This plan is intended solely to increase mink strength as they gain more strength when fully activated. Apart from gaining mass to his body, he has also increased speed. This technique was also once used by carrots to destroy many warships. Or, in Nekomamushi’s words- “The Purrfect Night to watch the full moon”.

There is no doubt that this sudden attack on the fort surprised the Beast Pirates. They prepare themselves to resist this attack and fight back. The joined army no doubt has more power and are dominating them. Also, in the Sulong form the Mink army can do a lot of damage to the Beast Pirates. We’ve seen before how incredibly strong Mink’s team is at this size. The sidelines are also being watched by Big Mom. Kaido has answered this attack of the Minks with his transformation into a dragon.

Also, we might have some sad news for you manga enthusiasts out there. 23rd August, 2020 is the date of release of the One Piece Manga Chapter 988. This means there will not be a release of any chapter this weekend. The schedule of the Shonen Magazine might have also caused another delay. If you want to read the latest chapters, you should really check out manga plus platforms by Shueisha.

What happened in One Piece Manga Chapter 987?- A quick recap

Kaido has been attacked by the Vassals of Oden. They pinned him down and also started to pierce through the scar that was given by Oden at some point. After this, the rest of the samurai who are in disguise start revealing themselves. They all want to give their lives for their country and defend it. Yamato also declared publicly that she wants to do nothing with the beast pirates and parts with them.




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