kaido defeated scabbards

So, the previous chapter of One Piece teases Kaido’s comeback. Oda is not going to leave a single bit to impress his fans and with the previous chapter, he managed to create hype among one piece. So, the previous chapter featured Akazaya Nine vs against Kaido. Things seem pretty normal where the Nine Scabbards managed to hit or provide to Damage to Kaido. Even for a moment, fans literally believed that this fight will go in Scabbard’s favor.

Kaido One Piece

But The newest chapter hits fans with a cold dose of reality. Guess what? Kaido managed to defeat all the Akazaya Nine Scabbards. Let’s not forget the fact that currently, Kaido is the strongest pirate out there. Living up to his title as the world’s strongest pirate- each of the Akazaya Nine members has been bloodied and are knocked out cold on the ground in front of him