Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 6 is an absolutely amazing episode. We have all seen Malcome catching a killer, but this time it’s a bit different from the rest. Episode 6 brings joy for Malcome and Dani supporters, though for a short period of time. This week’s episode focuses on the life of Malcome if he hadn’t caught her father. If you haven’t watched season 2 of Prodigal Son yet, then what are you waiting for hurry up!. This post might contain some spoilers, you have been warned. So let’s start and take a tour of the subconscious mind of Malcome Bright.

Prodigal Son Season 2

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Prodigal Son: Release Date and Where to watch

Season 2 Episode 7 ”Face Value” will premiere on 3rd March 2024. As for where to watch, the Prodigal Son is available on Fox. All the new episodes air every Tuesday only on FOX at 9 PM. Also, the Season is available on HULU and Youtube TV. Apart from this viewers with Amazon prime subscriptions can purchase and stream the episodes.

An official synopsis has been released by FOX for episode 7. The latest episode will show Malcolm, still reeling from the latest events with Ainsley, focuses on the next case, in which a famous plastic surgeon is murdered. Meanwhile, Martin gets a new job working in the infirmary with resident MD Dr. Vivian Capshaw. Then, Jessica is surprised to learn her younger sister is in town

Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: 

Malcome Goes to see his father and is surprised to see his mother there as well. They both talk to Malcome and think that it’s best that they told Ainsely the truth. The conversation is cut short when gill calls bright for a new case.

Bright arrives at the murder scene which is an old building with a lot of history and stories. The architect who was renovating the building is killed. Malcome, JT, and Dani question the tenants in the building. They also meet an old man and his daughter, who tells them there was a heated argument between the architect and his boss. Later when going through the clip from Ainsley’s recordings, Malcome notices the boss is missing a cuff and finds it in the building. This proves that there was a fight between the two. When retrieving the cuff Malcome hears someone else there and is pushed by someone in the elevator shaft.

Malcome solves the case in his subconscious:

Malcome wakes up in the hospital and soon gets back on the case but suffers headaches, and Dani suggests that he should go home. On getting home back he sees everyone there even his father. First, he is happy but then he starts to think that all this is just a dream. Later bright wakes beside Dani in his bed and both talk about the dream of Malcome but is cut short by a lead on the case.

Prodigal Son Season 2

As the case spirals, the more Malcome is confident that he is dreaming and will die if he won’t wake up. Listening through the things his subconscious mind is telling him, Malcome arrives at the conclusion that the old man is the killer. He was on the loose for the last 40 years and known as Bowery Ripper.

Later Dani and Malcome had a talk and when he reaches home, he decides to tell Ainsley the truth. But what Ainsley showed Malcome was more of a shock for both of them. Ainsley was covered in blood and says she blacked out.

Prodigal Son Season 2


Prodigal Son follows the story of Malcolm Bright, a former FBI profiler. Haunted by his past and his father’s crime, Malcolm is on the verge of becoming a sociopath. Now he works with the NYPD and helps them catch serial killers as a consultant and profiler. currently, Season 2 is running after an amazing season 1.

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