Asta has now come out of his union mode and has defeated the high-ranking devils. But now he must wait 30 minutes in order to use union mode once again. Meanwhile, Dante and Jack battle it out with Dante absolutely crushing Jack in the fight. Jack being the kind of person he is refuses to give up and taunts Dante. Suddenly, Magna and Zora appear out of nowhere to take over. Dante looks down on Magna and decides to fight him without magic. Magna utilizes this opportunity and brings Dante under his magic which ultimately divides their total magic into 2 equal halves. In the end, Magna says that he will make sure to crush Dante this time. This article will update you on Black Clover Chapter 292 Online – Dante VS Magna! Release Date and Updates.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date – Delayed!

Unfortunately, the Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date has been delayed by a week. The confirmed release date for Black Clover Chapter 292 is 9th May 2021. As we all know, the next chapter will contain an action-packed sequence that will finally make us acknowledge Magna’s true power. Will he be able to take down Dante? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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