Resident Evil Reboot
Resident Evil Reboot Earlier Arrival and Based on Game? Release Date?

Grabs the weapons, Zombies will roam this September. Sony Pictures is moving forward about the release date of the Resident Evil Reboot this week.

Previously, they have planned this for September 9, while the video game adaptation starring Kaya Scodelario and Robbie Amell will open in US cinemas on September 3 as per the deadline.


Resident Evil Reboot Everything you need to know

Resident Evil Reboot film

This will take the viewers to a 1998 Version of Raccoon City. Where the flesh-eating humans appeared the first time, thanks to the Umbrella Corporation experiment. From there the story begins, with a few survivors run for their lives.

Film fans already know that Milla Jovovich starred in six Resident Evil movies between 2002 and 2017. Which raked over $1.2 billion at the box office. Previously, Johannes Roberts mentioned his upcoming reboot.

The latest Resident Evil franchise will get the reboot treatment and now we can have decent hopes for it.

Resident Evil Plot Based on Game?

Hollywood reports state that the story is set on a fateful night in Racoon City in 1998. While fictional Midwestern town in Known Evil lore as the center of a virus outbreak destroys and changes the country.

Johannes Roberts confirmed, Resident Evil director confirms that the movie will stick closer to original ethos. He told ScreenRant this gonna be super scary. We are not sure about much more. But we can assure you will have a lot of fun.

Screenwriter Greg Russo mentions in a tweet this will be an inspiration from the most recent video games like Resident Evil 7. While the scarier tone is very closer to Resident Evil’s name on which the reboot film will be based on.

Resident Evil Reboot

Earlier Resident Evil movies are more akin to entries in the video game series. Fan’s didn’t like the change in these games. Because they are action-packed rather than scary. So, Resident Evil 7 returns to its horror roots.

This film going to follow the events from the first and second Resident Evil Games in a sequential manner. This film is going to bring the game’s cinematic world back. The success of the Resident Evil remake is the evidence for that.

Resident Evil Reboot Release Date

Filming of the Resident Evil Reboot is completed before the end of the year. Twitter tweet from Sony Pictures is the evidence for that. As the film is wrapped up before Christmas Eve, this will go to hit theaters in 2024. While the film has taken four years to complete the work.

Sony Pictures has enough time for post-production before its arrival on September 9, 2024. While Capcom fans can expect updates about the film in 2024 first quarter.

Capcom announces Resident Evil Portal, where it is one shop for everything you need about Resident Evil.

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