Resident Evil Village Vampire Lady

One popular question, that is stuck in everyone’s mind. What is the height of Alcina Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village? Now finally, Capcom responded to the community confirming how tall the vampire lady is with her clothing. Since she is a gargantuan beauty.

Capcom confirmations reveal that the height of the lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village is 9ft 6 inches. This means the tall vampire lady stands at 2.9 meters. This is confirmed on Twitter though, you should also consider that she is wearing heels as well.

Here is the tweet, Answer to the community for Vampire Lady height

Resident Evil Village Alcina Dimitrescu


Original Story

Resident Evil Village is the most anticipated game of 2023. Great applause to the series resurgence through its predecessor and Capcom’s recent remakes. Capcom recently launches the trailer. It gives more details about the first-in game experience at the very bewitching tall vampire lady. Still, some people ask the same question, what is her height. To give an accurate answer to your question, after reading this article you will find how tall she is.

Though she is the mistress of the castle, she comes with daughters who are tributes to Dracula’s brides. While a lot of people fall in love with the sisters, but it is the castle mistress. Because of her gargantuan physique.

You can find tons of art of her from cute to crude online. But, below you will discover how she really looks and appears in the trailer.

Watch Resident Evil Village Trailer here

Resident Evil Lady

This Resident Evil Village game will be released for multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

You can pre-purchase this game here

Who is this Tall Vampire Lady in Resident Evil Village?

Alcina Dimitrescu is the tall vampire lady in Resident Evil Village, to answer your question shortly. It is shown in the trailer and gameplay as well. During Capcom’s game showcase, you can also see the tall vampire lady at the end of Village Visual demo, Maiden.

There are many people online referring to her as Mr. X but, the official name is Alcina Dimitrescu. She houses her daughter and mistress in the castle. Capcom officially confirms her name. While publisher’s overview also confirming that she is very tall with good looks. Though there is not official backstory for the character.

Fans are creating a story If she grabs you that would look like this.

How Tall is She?

The vampire lady in Resident Evil Village, Alcina Dimitrescu is estimated eight-foot (While Capcom confirms that she is 9 feet 6 inches). It is estimated that the tall lady stands at 96 inches in Resident Evil Village, meaning she is indeed gargantuan.

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