GTA 6 Game

if you are a true gamer, then you might have come across GTA 5 in your life. Which is the best game right now, Now its time for GTA 6. Everyone knows what is GTA “Grand Theft Auto“. We are here with an amazing news, today we will discuss about whether the company is working on GTA 6 or not. Along with the release date and how this game is going to differ from GTA 5.

The company has released the teaser about the game GTA 6 and gave a clear insight of what games are coming out. While every gamer in the universe are talking about GTA 6 and its release date. But, unfortunately there is no such news as per now.

GTA 6 Gameplay

It is most likely, that this company will release the GTA 6 for sure by the end of this year. Most Probably, the game will release in the second half of 2024. Considering the release of the previous version release dates.


Expected Features in GTA 6

We can expect many new features as the Rock Star company is coming with this game after a very long period of time. Fans are eagerly waiting for this game after GTA 5. Seems to be the wait will be justified totally and everyone will going to love GTA 6 because of many factors.

Every gamer know, experience of multiplayer will be unique. Where you can play the game with your friends and complete it ASAP compared to GTA 5. While the reports revealing that the graphics of the game is going to be mind-shattering, which cannot be explained in words. You have to play it for sure. GTA 6 has been developed from a very long ago, Since 2012.

Developers are saying that the wait will be fruitful for GTA 6, while the game will be based on American cities as always. Good news for the female gamers, who love this game. This game will have both male or female protagonist rather than only male like in GTA 5. This can also be customizable. When we compare the game with previous one, the game will be set in the era of 1970 to 1980.

Some reports suggesting that weathers and locations are inspired from Netflix series Nacros. Though there isn’t any official information out, we have to stick to the date for its release to have a hands on experience.

You can also check the concept trailer here.


Which Platforms can we expect this game?

If we follow their pattern, this game might hit PS4 first rather than PS5. Which happened in the case of GTA 5 that started in PS3 before coming to PS4.  Though you can play the game on bot console but, you have to wait for its release.  We can also expect this game for Microsoft Xbox Series X and there is a good chance of playing this game on windows PC as well.

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