solo leveling Chapter 146

Solo Leveling is the epitome of what it’s like to provide proper fan service. We just witnessed our favorite main character go berserk and not give any thought about who Thomas was. Sung is on the verge of losing control and Thomas has no idea of what’s coming for him. Jin Woo is pretty much a god now with all the power he has acquired over the past few battles. So the entire Scavenger Guild will have their hands tied during the entire battle as there is too much of a difference in raw power. In this article, you will be updated on Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date, Sung Jin-Woo VS Thomas, Overwhelming Rage!!


Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date

solo leveling chapter 146

Solo Leveling Chapter 146 Release Date is projected to release on 31st March 2024. We have come a long way since the first chapter of Solo Leveling dropped, especially season 2 has provided us with fan service like never before. All we can do now is wait and pray that all the rumors and speculations regarding the Solo Leveling Anime Adapatataion are true. To know more about Solo Leveling Anime Release Date and Latest Updates click here.

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Solo Leveling 146 Delayed?

Solo Leveling doesn’t offer detailed information regarding the release date of the next chapter. Hence the possibilities of sudden delays are quite high. We highly recommend visiting Omnitos to know more about such delays on the release date of your favorite manhwa, manga, and anime. As for Solo Leveling 146, there seems to be no update regarding any delay. So we can assume that the schedule will be followed as usual next week.

Solo Leveling – One of The Greatest Mahwa of All Time!

Solo leveling is a South Korean manhwa which is written by Chu-Gong. It is a story about the world’s lowest ranking hunter Sung Jin Woo (the main protagonist). He gains power by the authority called the system and completes all tasks given by the system. And, by completing each task he acquires more power, and slowly shows everyone what he is capable of. He owns many titles such as wolf hunter, shadow monarch, demon hunter, etc.

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