Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Spoilers

Solo Leveling is a South Korean Web novel created by Chu Gong. It was serialized in Kakao’s digital comic. The success of Solo Leveling was so colossal that a webtoon was illustrated by Jang Sung-rak, aired in 2018. It has been more than 5 years since Solo Leveling began publishing its chapters and has crossed well over 100 chapters. With that, Solo Leveling Chapter 162 is set to release in a few days.

The approaching release has the fans looking for the Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Spoilers.


What Happened in Solo Leveling Chapter 161:

At the beginning of Solo Leveling Chapter 161, we see the frost monarch piercing Jin Woo’s heart with Kamish’s Wrath. He also threatens to freeze the people of South Korea so that they cannot die, but live in misery forever.

The fatal attack from both the monarchs was enough to kill Jin-woo, as the panel displayed that the ‘player has died’. However, shortly after his death, the system activates the black heart along with Passive Skill: Unknown to the max level.

Jin Woo wakes up in the hospital where he is being treated after surviving the double dungeon as if he had returned to the past.

By the end of the chapter we see that Jin-woo is looking for answers from a mysterious figure, he calls the ‘King of the Dead’.

Solo Leveling Chapter 162 Spoilers:

Solo Leveling Chapter 162 will be the true meeting of Sung Jin-Woo with Ashborn, the Monarch of Shadows. Jin Woo is actually the human vessel in which the Shadow Monarch stores his powers.

Gradually, Jin-Woo has grown. At the moment, Jin Woo and Ashborn happen to be just one step away from what was desired by the monarch.

Jin Woo really did die and Ashborn will offer him the chance to remain in an illusional world forever and have fun. But if he chooses to live on, he will face multiple challenges ahead. Throughout the next chapter, we will dive into a great discussion about things.

While Solo Leveling 162 raw will mostly focus on Jin Woo and Ashborn, it might also show us the real world. With Jin Woo’s defeat, there’s no hope left. The world has no means to defend against the two beasts and their armies.

In these grim and desperate times, one man will step up to protect the body of their only hope, to protect the body of his only son. That man is Sung Il Hwan.

Solo Leveling Raw Scans:

The raw scans of Solo Leveling Chapter 162 will be released on 11th August 2024. This is the release of the Korean version of the manhwa, hence termed as raw scan. It will, obviously, be in the Korean language, since it comes directly from the creator Jang Sungrak.

The raw scans can be found posted on the KakaoPage app. This is the official website and we recommend every fan of the manhwa to check it out.