Stargirl made its premiere on 18th May 2020, on the DC Universe and The CW. While Season 1 is loved by the fans, for its DC Easter eggs and optimistic storyline. The series follows the story of Courtney Whitmore, who becomes Stargirl. After discovering the cosmic staff and also believing, that she is Starman’s daughter. To take revenge on ISA, Courtney enlists Yolanda as Wildcat, Beth as Dr. Mid-Nite, and Rick as Hourman, her classmates. 

DC’s Stargirl | I Choose You | Season Trailer | The CW



Season 1 ended in a defeat of ISA, and their plan to control the minds of millions of people in the dust. Many members of ISA being dead, Including Icicle, Brainwave, and Dragon King, while Hourman let Solomon Grundy go, after a ferocious battle between the two. The show also showed Starman, is also alive. How? that’s still a mystery.

Stargirl | Hourman | Dr. Mid-Nite | Wildcat

Stargirl: Season 2 | Expectations 

At DC Fandom, Stargirl’s panel confirmed that Solomon Grundy will have a part to play in season 2, while Eclipso will play an important role. Fans can also expect to see Hooty, Dr. Mid-Nite’s pet owl, and the thunderbolt, which is still with Courtney. Apart from this Starman- Sylvester Pemberton is still alive and the story might reveal how and where he was all this time.

Starman is alive | Season 1 Finale

News and Updates: Stargirl Season 2 Release Date and Streaming

Initially, Stargirl used to air on DC Universe and one day later on The CW. But after the renewal of Season 2, its officially become a part of The CW. Other DC universe shows also moving to HBO Max-like, Harley Quinn, and Doom Patrol.

There is no set premiere date for Stargirl yet. Since the CW’s schedule is very tight with Flash, Batwoman, Superman & Lois and others set to return in February. According to TV Line Season, 2 of Stargirl will premiere around Spring of 2024.

Season 1 of Stargirl is currently available on The CW app

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