Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World is one of the best Mario games and even people don’t know about that. Good News! This amazing game is coming to Switch real soon and here why you should consider playing it. While it will release Worldwide on February 12th on Nintendo Switch.

Let’s don’t waste our time and quickly talk about the gameplay.


Super Mario 3D World Gameplay

This game will bring the essence of side-scrolling and combines the free-roam gameplay of the 3D games. When you saw a 3D world, it shouldn’t be necessarily an open world even you can play in small spaces like Mario Games.

Super Mario 3D Gameplay

While four people can play together with a roster of iconic characters. These characters include Mario, Toad, Princess, and Peach. Rosalina is also a playable character but, you have to unlock it first. Just like in other games, where each character will have their unique abilities.

Mario 3D World considered to have the most well-balanced powers nor more, not less. Luigi has more jumping powers but loses when it comes to traction. Cute toad is the fastest of them all but, cannot jump. He can only jump at shallow height and falls faster. On the other hand, peach can jump and can float on her way down.

While Rosalina has a unique spin attack and slowest of all. When it comes to picking the character, you have to choose a wise decision. As each character will give a different experience.

Four players can play together on a single level. But, keep in mind to share the set of lives. A feature called pick and throw teammate going to cause a lot of mayhem.

Mario 3D World Plot

If you don’t want spoilers, skip this section. The story begins with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad examining a weird and title glass pipe. Mario and Luigi are trying to fix it and from the pipe emerges a green fairy looking entity called a Sprixie.

Sprixie tells the team that all of the other Sprixie princes have been captured and taken hostage by Bowser, everything has gone terribly, and they are in dire need of help.

The team agrees to help. When they are about to set the journey through the pipes and captures the remaining Sprixie and escape the same way.  They start to chase right behind and that is how they land in the realm of Sprixie Kingdom.

Super Mario 3D World

So, one by one start to save the Sprixies and bring back the kingdom to its final glory. After saving the princes, it seems everything will be over but, the Bowser had another plan. The big bad Bowser captures every single Sprixie again and escapes into an amusement park.

There he uses the Super Bell and turns into a cat form. While the team gives a chase and ahs to climb the highest fortress. They will defeat him one last time and save the kingdom.

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