To Your Eternity Anime Debuts With Its Hysterical Episode 1! Synopsis, Plot, Watch Where?

From the creator of ‘A Silent Voice,’ the ‘To Your Eternity’ anime series has released a beautiful debut Episode 1. Fans were left in tears after watching a hysterical bond between the two main characters.

This article will cover To Your Eternity Episode 1 synopsis, plot, and little about the creator. But I warn you to go grab some tissues before you decide to watch the episode. With that being said let’s dive into it!

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To Your Eternity Episode 1: Release Date

The anime series To Your Eternity Episode 1 release on 12 April 2024. The anime is expected to be comprised of 20 episodes including the debuted ones.

To Your Eternity Episode 1: Synopsis

In the tundra, far from civilization, an immortal being is exposed, which slowly makes its way through the snow-covered wasteland. However, he reaches the Earth but has no emotions or identity. But he has the power to take shape of anyone or anything that has a strong impression on him.

He goes through several shapes like a sphere, a rock, or a dying wolf. While he was in the shape of a wolf, he finally feels consciousness. They didn’t know how to walk but were soon able to replicate the behavior. It moves clumsily as it replicates the wolf’s wound as well.

For the first time, it feels its discomfort and pain as it slowly heals the wound within 20 seconds. As it walked on the snow, it experiences the cold of the wind and the scent of the snow. Soon, he comes across a boy who seemed to be the owner of the dead wolf. He called it Joaan, unaware of the orb.

Fushi feels the pleasure of body temperature rising, an unidentifiable scent as if it was an alluring space. If it could speak, it would have said it wanted to stay there forever. The boy continues to talk to it as he narrates the story of how his folks and people left the place in search of a survival-conditioned place called ‘Paradise.’

The boy and Fushi on their journey to Paradise

Sushi learns how the boy desperately wants to leave the place and join his folks as he wants to experience things he didn’t before. But, his journey gives him hard time as he stumbles upon thin layered ice, injuring himself. Soon after, he realizes that his wound needs to be healed in order to continue his journey.

Fushi watches the boy and his ‘not giving up’ nature in search of Paradise. Later, it witnesses the death of the boy back at his home. And it takes on the form of a human (the boy). Unfortunately, it didn’t know how to be human-like.

Even so, it sets forth in search of stimulation to meet all kinds of people and things, just as the boy wished to do. And that’s To Your Eternity, Episode 1 for you!

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Where To Watch?

To Your Eternity Episode, 1 is available on Crunchyroll, as the manga is already available there for fans to read. For the time being, this show is not available on other popular streaming sites like Funimation or Netflix.

To Your Eternity: The Manga

The manga was published under Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2016. The Japanese publisher Kodansha has published fourteen tankōbon volumes to the Japanese market.

About The Anime

The story revolves around a boy named Fushi, who can take on the form of animated and inanimated things around him. Moreover, Fushi is an immortal being, and the show primarily focuses on him.

He befriends a wolf and the two travel together, while they face harsh surroundings and enemies. To You, Eternity Episode 1, narrates only the plot that we were shown in the trailer.

About The Creator

To Your Eternity creator: Yoshitoki Oima

Yoshitoki Ōima was born on March 15, 1989, in Ōgaki, Japan. She is the third daughter of a sign language interpreter mother and has an older sister and older brother. Due to her mother’s work as a sign language interpreter, Ōima was inspired to write the ‘A Silent Voice’ manga series. She got help from her mother and her sister working on the series.

Her first manga was ‘Mardock Scramble’ which was an adaptation of the same-named novel written by Tow Ubukata and was released in 2008. She was even responsible for an illustration of the ending sequence of the 9th episode of Attack on Titan.

After her success with A Silent Voice, Yoshitoki Ōima worked alongside other manga artists on a collaboration manga called Ore no 100-wame! In 2016, Ōima released her third full manga series under the moniker To Your Eternity.

In 2015, Yoshita Ōima won the New Creator Prize for A Silent Voice at the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. A Silent Voice was nominated for an Eisner Award a year later, the Rudolf-Dirks-Award. Later in 2017 & 2018, she won Max & Moritz Prize.

In 2018, she won at French Japan Expo the Daruma door Manga for A Silent Voice and the Daryma se la Meilleure Nouvelle Série for ‘To Your Eternity.’

The Creator Works:

  • 2009: Mardock Scramble
  • 2013: A Silent Voice
  • 2015: Ore no 100-wame!! (Alongside other manga artists)
  • 2016: To Your Eternity

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