Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date, Spoilers, Draken?

Tokyo Manji Revengers is really going insane with the sudden twist. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date, Spoilers, what will Draken do?

The last leap to the past was necessary as Mikey was not well placed in the future therefore our hero Takemichi came back to the past to correct things up but there is an ultimate twist and the 2 of the 3 deities in a total of the two main delinquent gangs have already gathered in front of him and Draken, what will they be able to do?

Also, this time it would be really difficult to go back in the future as now he has to shake hands with Mikey after all the things are fixed, but that will take a while as the current problem of delinquent war is severe.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date

The upcoming Tokyo revengers Chapter 212 Release Date is 26 June 2024 for the raw scans, spoilers, and fan translations, but the official release will be around 3-4 days after that.

The Anime has not adapted the full manga story yet, but the animation is good and that element of bravery is there as the hero does not have any physical superpowers.



Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Spoilers

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter of Tokyo manji Revengers 212 will release around the 26th of June, so please wait till then and bookmark this page, we will update you all as soon as any new information releases. The last chapter left fans really excited and also in suspense as two of the main 3 deities came to fight Draken and our hero Takemichi.

Will Mikey come to save Takemichi and Draken, will there be a twist of someone really powerful come and save these old Tokyo Manji gang members. Finally, Takemichi has to get more strong and fight these delinquents, the only element left for Takemichi’s character development is that he has to become stronger and face things directly.

Takemichi has to find out some way or the other to get out of all this and talk to Mikey and solve these gang entanglements to improve the future, there is a lot of uncertainty as the situation is currently really worse.

Takemichi cannot join these two high elite delinquent gangs what will he do to counter them and escape the difficult situation, we have to find this out in the next Tokyo manji Revengers Chapter 212. Let’s wait and see, you can join us on our Reddit and comment your opinion there.

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