WandaVision Episode 5 Turns MCU Storyline Forever, return of dead Avengers?
WandaVision Episode 5 Turns MCU Storyline Forever, return of dead Avengers?

In one of the WandaVision breathtaking movements in Episode 5. She tells her twin boys the phrase “We can’t reverse death, no matter how sad it makes us“. Though this might not be great news for all fanboys out there. Whether you are a fan of cute dogs.

However, Wanda’s words might not be true for everything. But, the mechanics of Visions’ resurrection are yet to be determined. But, everyone knows that Maximoff is somehow responsible for that.


Starts with WandaVision Episode 5 

If Wanda’s husband can come back, why not her dead brother?. Then the course of ending suspected for a while that Pietro would return to life in MCU.

Return of Pietro WandaVision Episode 5

We should not believe in internet leaks either. Was that this Version of Pietro would not be the one that Wand fought alongside in the Avengers. Quicksilver didn’t appear in MCU as well till now. This is made possible now, thanks to Disney/Fox merger

First of all, we need to resolve something who is this “Long Lost Brother” and why he is looking like Evan Peters?. Even Wanda sure did look confused and plenty of viewers are commenting on this.

Marvel fans know that Aaron Taylor johnson played Pieter Maximoof in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But, the speedsters time ran very quickly because Ultron killed him before the credits rolled.

Return of dead Avenger from WandaVision?

Pietro who shows up here in WandaVision claims to be Wanda’s Brother and he seems to recognize her too. So the question is why hasn’t Aaron Taylor-Johnson been recast in this role?. A year ago Marvel brought Silver-haired characters to the screen. While Fox’s X-Men introduced their own version.

Things are kept separately on the screen. Since MCU and Fox’s X-Men universe were unable to cross each other. But, Quicksilver was an unusual case. Source material suggests that he is a mutant and Avenger. While Marvel and Fox create their own unique version of the same character.

However, all this changed a couple of years ago when Disney and Fox merged. Allowing Marvel to integrate long-lost characters like X-Men into their world. WandaVision Officially confirms that mutants are part of MCU.

But, for now, the question remains the same: Why would Wanda resurrect a different version of her brother?. Did she just “recast him” as Darcy suggests or Aaron Taylor is busy on that day.

There are two prevailing theories both are bewitching even Wanda. The first possibility might be, this is not Pietro and Marvel are just messing with us by casting someone who once played this character for a different studio. If that’s the case we cannot imagine that this new Pietro intention is good.

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