Mouse episode 9

If you are a fan of Crime Thriller Suspense Mystery Drama then the recently released Mouse is perfect for you. It was premiered on March 3, 2024, and already 8 episodes are released, and it has been so interesting and a hell of a lot of mystery so far. After watching episode 8, it seems like Mouse episode 9 will give answers to some of the mysteries and a major plot twist.


Mouse episode 9 release date

Mouse episode 9 will be released on 31st March.

Where to watch Mouse episode 9?

You can watch it officially on tvN and if you wait a few days you can watch it, Viki.

Mouse s1 ep 8

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Recap of Mouse episode 8

First of this drama will not even waste a fraction of your time, every moment in this relevant and story moves forward and never drags the story for footage. The episode starts with Go Moo Chi questioning Han Seo Joon in jail and he refused that he did not know how to tie that specific knot and he did not teach someone about this.

There was something strange about the pattern of the knots, a left-handed person would tie the knot from the left side. Jeong Ba Reum and Moo Chi came to the conclusion that Han Seo Joon did not kill detective Park’s Daughter.

The quest to find the head hunter is continued at full speed and meanwhile, Ba Reum recalls some of these lost memories and also experience hear an unbearable ringing sound after his nig brain surgery.

They start over the investigation and found out the female inspector did touch the evidence because she started the investigation in-depth and found out that the head hunter also killed and hanged the dog that found the dead body.

They also found out that at the same time a volunteer program took the initiative to change the window bars of the victim’s house during the time of her murder. They arranged an interview to trap the suspect and then they will observe their behavior and did found a lawyer Hyun Chul as a suspect as he faked to be right-handed when he wrote with his left hand.

Mouse kdrama episode 8

They also found another suspect on the basis of the phone tracking and then questioned him and found out that he was there to make a gift box for Mr. Jae Phil. To confirm this Moo Chi went to his house and found a photo of the gift box and realized that Jae Phil was the father of the suspected lawyer. He also found a knife covered in blood hidden in their dog house.

The same night Ba Reum went to Bong Yi’s house as he clearly remembers him now but no one answered because the serial killer muffled her. As Bong Yi is a martial artist she managed to get herself free and while the killer ran he ran into Ba Reum and then Ba Reum followed him and beat him up, and suddenly vaguely remembered about the attack on him. Bong Yi saved him from the last attack of the killer, and end up in a hospital.

Killer was Jae Phil and admits every crime he did, hearing this detective’s wife who was still in her daughter’s death trauma killer him with a hospital knife. Moo Chi wants to meet and kill Han Seo Joon and kill him with his own hands and therefore takes the blame on him and gets arrested.

Oh get ready for the biggest reveal, Bong Yi tells Ba Reum that the doctor he is consulting is not the doctor who did his surgery. They found that Han Seo Hoon did his surgery. Ba Reum Confronts him and asks that if or if not he has implanted Sung Yo Han’s brain in him. Before he answers, the episode ends.

Mouse ep 8

Spoilers of Mouse episode 9

The big plot twist is this might be true that Han Seo Joon implanted Sung Yo Han’s brain into Ba Reum’s brain. What?! What all can happen with this combination and why did he do so? There is also a prediction that Reporter Choi might have inherited some psychopath genes from her father. We’ll see.