What to expect from Vincenzo episode 12? Release Date and Spoilers!
What to expect from Vincenzo episode 12? Release Date and Spoilers!

I guess one of the most awaited episodes released of Vincenzo on Netflix on 27th March 2024. Yes, I am talking about episode 11, why was it the most awaited? You will find out if you have read about Vincenzo episode 11. You will not believe what happened at the end of the earlier episode and what is going to happen in Vincenzo episode 12.


Release date of Vincenzo episode 12

Vincenzo episode 12 will be released on 28th March 2024.

Where to watch Vincenzo episode 12?

You can watch it on Netflix and tvN and if you wait a few days you can watch it on Viki.

Recap of Vincenzo episode 11

We saw that Vincenzo injured all the killers sent by the real boss of Babel (we know it’s Woo Joo) and the injured killer took a name- Jang Han Seok. Since they have his number now, they called him and Vincenzo walked towards Woo Joo while he was calling Jang Hae Seok. The phone was vibrating in Woo Joo’s jacket, but when Vincenzo asked him if he is getting a call, he showed him his other phone and said no one’s calling him. He was only an inch close to being exposed but saved, because he gave his wrong name, Duh!

Vincenzo ep 11 recap

Cha Young and Vincenzo then confront the killers in their car but in their mafia-style, and they had to confess every crime they did including the planned murder of those 4 people. We see a mafia version of Cha Young here as she is so enraged at them and then Vincenzo’s shadows took care of the dead bodies.

Okay! Get ready for some cute scenes here. Our power duo decides to drink till 2 am to celebrate but instead drink till 3 am, Cha Young was about to wrap up but agreed on drinking for one more hour as insisted by Vincenzo. Cha Young apologizes for hugging him and making him flustered, but she wants to conduct a test to check why her heart went crazy at the moment? Was it because he was in danger? Was it because she has feelings for him? So she hugs Vincenzo for 10 seconds in the cutest drunk way ever and concludes that she does not have feelings for him (not now at least). Vincenzo seemed to enjoy the test.

Vincenzo ep 11

We also see that Vincenzo visits his birth mom in the hospital and told her that she should stop feeling guilty to give away her son as he is doing fine.

Anyways, Vincenzo and his team failed to track Jang Hae Seok’s as he already got them deleted, but they found that he was there at the location of the attack. Two tenants seem very suspicious here, Mr. An and the piano girl, they keep interfering and eavesdropping on them.

Vincenzo gets arrested while they were playing the mafia game and selects Cha Young as his lawyer, but when asked about the evidence, they lack solid evidence, but then Mr.An comes to his rescue as the undercover team leader of the International Intelligence Agency. He is actually on Vincenzo’s team and joins them as Vincenzo has also done a lot of good work to help people. Let’s wait for the Vincenzo episode 12.

Vincenzo finds out that tenants know about the gold and wants him to help them capture it, but Mr. An got them the name of the informer of the Babel. Vincenzo was so cool when he asked him to reveal the name of the real boss with a deadly mafia game. He did reveal.

Vincenzo informs Cha Young about Woo Joo and she asks him to do as they decided i.e. to kill him. Woo Joo being the psychopath he is said he is not afraid of dying and asks him to shoot but episodes end and we all are left on a cliffhanger again. We do hear a gunshot though.

Spoilers of Vincenzo episode 12

Well, Woo Joo is not dead but he is going to play dirtier as now no longer has to hide his identity. Vincenzo is arrested again but does not stay there for long as he should. There is some big news about Babel company which if comes out it will destroy them. Therefore, Woo Joo’s brother and CEO of Wusang teamed up against Woo Joo and tells Vincenzo can kill him however he wants, but are we sure all this is not a trap? The war just began. We just have to wait till 28th March to watch what’s next.

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