Mouse episode 12

The mouse is getting intense as we proceed with the episodes. You won’t believe what happened in Mouse episode 11 and what is going to happen in Mouse episode 12. All things unexpected are happening. On one hand, we get to see how much evil energy can exist in a small place like that, and on the other hand, we should all remember that it is fiction and all the cases are human-made. It’s fascinating how much research and time and thought was put into the series to present in such cinematic ways.


The release date of Mouse episode 12

Mouse episode 12 will release on 14th April 2024.

Where to watch Mouse episode 12?

Mouse episode 12 will release on tvN as usual, but if you wait a few days you can watch it on Viki as well.

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Highlights of Mouse episode 11

We were again tricked at the end of episode 10 that Hyun Chul died, but when Ba Reum went to the police station to turn himself in for the murder, the investigation team found nothing on the murder site. Not a single trace of blood to be found.

Later we found out that Dr. Daniel hides all the evidence and also made it look like that Hyun Chul left the place on a boat. He did that because he is concerned that a murderer switch will be turned on in Ba Reum’s brain which will be dangerous. He made an offer that he will confirm the DNA of the psychopaths and he can kill them so that no innocent lives are harmed. Ba Reum refused.

mouse ep 11

We see Bong Yi go through a little trauma in the middle of the road crossing when Kung Do Soo said something to her. Reporter Choi came to the rescue. She also made sure to inform this detective Moo Chi and he went to kill him, but his mother saw it and reported it.

Moo Chi was locked behind the bars. Ba Reum finally recalled what he did to his bird. He also met his Aunt’s son and got along as he was nagging his mother to buy him a cat. Ba Reum told him that he has a rescued cat at home and he can come and visit him after she had babies. Ba Reum took him to his house when his aunt was not home and left a note on the fridge.

He was triggered by the noise the kid was making and also he was again hallucinating and went after the kid to kill him. Psychopath’s brain has taken over him.

Meanwhile, we found out that Do Kyung Soo kidnapped Yu Na and was not after Bong Yi this time. She runs to save her and did found him and attacked him with the technique of her martial art but he hit her in the head and she was injured.

The ending was a little off when we saw Ba Reum actually attacking his nephew and also he was there where Yu Na and Bong Yi were taken after being kidnapped. He also killed someone in the field, but we don’t know who.

Prediction of Mouse episode 12

Well, just like every other episode we are being tricked to believe that Ba Reum is going to kill someone from his family or someone he loves. We know surely that he did not kill his Aunt’s son as when he was attacked there was no bloodshed, he might just have been venting out his annoyance to noises on the cellphone that was ringing.

I don’t know if the writers will include it in episode 12 or not but when Kung Don Soo was found with a repentance letter and his mouth foaming out, it was his mother who gave those toxic pills to him and also wrote the letter.

We also saw Ba Reum reached the site where Yu Na was taken after being kidnapped and Bong Yi was injured. Ba Reum definitely killed someone there and was dragging the dead body along the road. Who did he kill? Was it Kung Do soo? We shall wait and see.