Vincenzo episode 13

Oh well, what just happened in Vincenzo’s last aired episode 12, every episode we feel like it’s going to happen, Babel is destroyed, Vincenzo and Cha Young are dating, Vincenzo and Mr. Choi got their gold out successfully, but we are always left on a cliffhanger. I guess the editor and the directors are purposely doing this to hold us to the drama till the end, and they are doing a great job. Let us see what more thrilling surprises they have in the upcoming Vincenzo episode 13.


The release date of Vincenzo episode 13

Vincenzo episode 13 is scheduled to release on 3rd April 2024.

Where to watch Vincenzo episode 13?

Vincenzo episode 13 is will release on Netflix and tvN and if you wait a few days you can watch it on Viki.

Recap of Vincenzo episode 12

Woah! The ending of Vincenzo episode 11  had us all shook, and episode 12 starts with Prosecutor Jung entering the scene to be a climax scene and handcuffed Vincenzo and took him with him for investigation and of course, Cha Young manages to get him out somehow. Now, Cha Young is very angry and frustrated at Woo Joo (Jan Han Seok) and is planning with full dedication to ruin him for ruining the lives of so many innocent people.

Vincenzo ep 12

Tenants, on the other hand, decides to get help from the hot air balloon company people to get the gold out. Okay, remember how I said there was something wrong about the piano girl, turns out she is after the gold herself and is faking her identity as a piano teacher.

Jan Han Seok, after getting almost killed, decides to lay low for few weeks and went to his father’s vacation house, and Vincenzo’s helpers inform him about it. Vincenzo plans a very calculated death trap for Han Seok, that will keep him alive, but scare him enough to do something.

He added enough sedative dose to his bottled water and he was about to drown in the bathtub but regains consciousness in time. Jan Han Seok was also shot by his brother when they went hunting, but before he could shoot him to death, a local came to his rescue and he survived, this time as well.

vincenzo netflix ep 12

We see a recreation of the forehead flick but with roles reversed, Cha young is the head flicker and Vincenzo’s forehead is being flicked. What did you think? Just like him, she will step back?

No. She slapped his forehead s hard that he might have had some brain damage. Here comes the but, she did adore him when he standing there with his eyes closed but was too embarrassed to admit it, therefore, she hit him.

Mr. An breaks out the news about the Guillotine file which contained all the bad deeds of the corrupted people, which was hacked by a Chinese company, and the boss of the company seemed to have hidden all his funds and the file, somewhere in Korea. Vincenzo recognized the name of the boss and figured out that he is the same person who hid all the gold in the plaza secret room.

In the end, we finally got to see the way to the secret room via the Nanyak temple, because Mr. Choi told Vincenzo that he needed some money to pay off the debts that he collected for his useless hobbies.

Vincenzo being a good friend agrees, and went to the secret room with him, they were in the feels of how rich they are going to get until Mr. Choi decides to point a gun at Vincenzo in the secret room.

Vincenzo ep 12 end

Spoilers of Vincenzo episode 13

First off, Vincenzo does not dies, but there is a slight chance that Mr. Choi betrays him and their friendship gets affected (as it should). Han Seok will reveal his identity to the world, as per the plan by Vincenzo.

The Prosecutor of Wusang and Han Seok comes to know about the hacked file and the gold, but do they know that 70% of it belongs to Vincenzo. We also know that Vincenzo successfully gets the Guillotine file, they can easily use it for their benefit, or will they play more? I guess we will have to wait and watch.

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