WhatsApp New Privacy Policy is it Safe or Not? Let's see
WhatsApp New Privacy Policy is it Safe or Not? Let's see

WhatsApp has end to end encryption and good privacy policies so far. When Facebook owns WhatsApp things twisted a lot, everyone knows that FB will sell user’s data. They rolled out an update that included a payment feature. But no one in India will use this app for payment. Let’s give our opinion.


Either Accept or Delete Your Account

WhatsApp updated their privacy policy and showing a pop up for users to accept them or delete the account before February 8.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

This new policy created a huge impact on the world. While the new policy allows tighter integration with Facebook. With the new privacy policy, they are forcing users to either Accept or Delete your account.

On their FAQ page, they have answered some of the questions regarding user’s concerns. That they wanted to be clear with the policy update doesn’t affect the privacy of your messages with anyone. This update is related to messaging a business on WhatsApp, which is optional and provides further transparency about how they collect data.

WhatsApp can’t see your private messages or hear your calls, and neither can Facebook

The company depicts that WhatsApp is still protected with end to end encryption and note that they will never ever weaken this security.

WhatsApp doesn’t keep logs of who everyone is messaging or calling

They never stored logs of calls or messages and keep them would be a risk for privacy and security risk for two billion users.

WhatsApp can’t see your shared location and neither can Facebook

Similar to other things, WhatsApp is always protected with End to End encryption.

WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts with Facebook

They can only access to address or phone book, if and only if users gave permission to access them. WhatsApp will never share a contact list with any other apps.

Groups remain private

They clearly mention that they are not sharing group data with Facebook for ad purposes. With help of End to End encryption, they will remain private.

Users can set their message to disappear

WhatsApp Message Disappear

This new feature is really interesting because many persons maintain tons of groups or personal messages. So, they are running out of storage or afraid to run out of it. This feature will delete all the messages once you turn this on. Which will save your phone storage space.

Users can download their data

Now they have provided this So, users can also check what information WhatsApp has related to his/her account within the app.

After this incident, everyone is in process of uninstalling WhatsApp and looking for alternatives. Such as the Signal App which crossed 50 million users on Playstore all of a sudden. You can try this Signal app if you want: Signal App Play Store.

WhatsApp recently clarifies the controversies on their new privacy policy. That they are not compromising on things when it comes to security. Now their users have some relief in their minds. But it is still forbidden, that will they use the data or not.


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