Attack on Titan Final season

The release of Attack on Titan: The final season is just around the corner. The dark fantasy series is also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese was created by Hajime Isayama. The series first aired on the 7th of April in 2013. The anime is not only popular in Japan but all around the world. The manga from which the anime is adapted remains the fourth best-selling manga of 2024.

Attack on Titan is about a dystopian world that is confined inside giant walls that protect them from giant monsters aka Titans. One day, a Colossal Titan appears and destroys the wall. They reck havoc in the protagonist Eren Yeager’s hometown and his mother is eaten in front of his eyes. That day Eren vows to kill all Titans that he lays eyes on. He sets out on a journey to eradicate all the titans from this world.

Eren is accompanied by his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Together they join the Survey Corps, which’s sole purpose is to battle the titans. But on his path, Eren and his friends discover there is more to the origin of the titans and how their world came to be. The anime has garnered numerous positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Keep Reading to know more about Attack on Titan: The Final Season Release Date and What to expect from the season.


Attack on Titan Last Season Release Date

Attack on Titan last season

The Last Season of Attack on Titan is set to release in 2024. It will come as no surprise if the production gets pushed back to late 2024 as there is a deadly pandemic going on. The first part of the final season aired in December 2020. It contained a total of 16 episodes and the last episode came out on 29th March 2024. The manga has already been fully released. The last episode of the fourth season left so many unanswered questions. Although the manga readers already know what happened, the anime watchers are eagerly waiting for the release of the last season.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 Analysis

aot final season

In the first part of the final season we saw, the soldiers from Paradis Islands explore the world beyond the walls. Many new characters were introduced in this season but the one who has got the most recognition is Gabi. She is a young Eldian soldier who is a candidate to inherit the power of the nine titans. People have mixed reactions towards her character. While some people despise her character for killing Sasha Brown, others find her as a young kid who has been brainwashed by the adults around her. Others also compare her character to that of Young Erens. This is back when his only goal was to annihilate all the titans that he laid eyes on.

The changeover of Eren’s character is the most surprising element of this season. He went from a young innocent child to a fully grown dark adult. The Eren who once wouldn’t hurt a single human being destroys an entire crowd of people. There are people who sympathize with Eren’s Character. They argue that the trauma that he had to go through as a child is a reason he turned out this way. The anime has a great influence on its audience. Eren’s new hairstyle has become widely popular as is now known as the Eren Yeager ponytail.

By the end of Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 1, we learned about Zeke’s plan to sterilize the entire population of Paradis Island. Only Eldian bloodline can turn into Titans. Zeke believes that eradicating the world of Titans will solve every problem they have. In the last episode, we find Zeke severely wounded but suddenly a female pure titan appears and places him in her abdomen. While waiting for the next season, stream the previous episodes of the show on Crunchyroll.

What To Expect From Attack on Titan: The Final Season?

In the last season, we will get to know whether Eren complies with Zeke’s plan. Although fans believe that Eren will do no such thing we cannot be sure of anything at this point. The show is also popular for killing off the main characters instantaneously which leaves the audience shocked. We hope that all of our main characters make it through the Final Season alive.

Also, we will get to see if Eren goes rogue in this season. There is a rumor flying around that Eren sacrifices himself for the sake of his friends in the final season. It is hard to believe that the show would kill off its main character but at this point, we cannot predict anything. One of the biggest anticipations is what becomes of Eren and Mikasa’s romance. Eren and Mikasa shippers have been eagerly waiting for them to get together from the beginning. Fans will be utterly disappointed if Eren and Mikasa don’t end up together.

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