PlayStation Now vs Xbox Game Pass

You might have everything in your hand. Netflix, Disney+, Now TV, and Amazon Prime Video subscription in your device to watch anime and shows. But, if you are a gamer then you have to worry about another subscription plan every month. Which are PS Now or Xbox Game Pass.

To unlock a plethora of benefits, you need to sign up for their gaming subscription in PlayStation and Xbox. Then you will find some free games and special discounts.

To answer the question, For decades Sony and Microsoft are competing with each other. If you own a Playstation console or Xbox Console, you can decide which one is right for you.

Which one to Choose


What are PS Now and Xbox Game Pass?

To answer this quickly, we can say that they are like Netflix or Amazon Prime for games. You have to pay a monthly fee for the services and then you will be able to stream the games online. As long as you will pay the subscription fee monthly.

You will sign in obviously in PS Now if you have PlayStation or sign in for Game Pass if you have Xbox. This service will enable you to download the games directly to your hard disk and play them whenever you want. They won’t charge any extra penny for you.

Both PS Now and Game Pass are separate from online subscriptions, you should keep this in mind.

To unlock multiplayer capabilities online, you have to pay an extra £6.99 in PlayStation. While Xbox Game Pass will have a different system, you can have a look.

Xbox Game Pass

You can purchase monthly plans for Xbox, Shop Now

These services will reduce the cost of digital as you need to download them. Due to global lockdown, now it is easier and faster to download the game directly without any stress of going to shops. Speaking from a money perspective, you can save a lot in long run by buying the game at discount prices.

Prices Between PS Now and Xbox Game Pass

PS Now costs $9.99/month and you can purchase 12 months pack at $59.99. There will be discounts on Amazon or other e-commerce websites. You can also add PlayStation Plus at a lower price.

PS Now One Month Plan

While Game Pass is normally £7.99/month. But Microsoft runs a long-standing deal to help you get their Game Pass Ultimate Service for £1. This Game Pass Ultimate includes Game Pass along with three months of Xbox Live Gold and cloud gaming and EA Play Membership.

So, clearly, the Game Pass has better value for money. As you get many benefits along with the subscription.

Availability of Games

When it comes to games Xbox surpasses PlayStation hosting free games in the library. Games will come quicker to faster with the exclusive launch. When you look at the Microsoft official website you can download many games right away or play them.

Though there are solid options for PS Now, there are more than 800 games on PS Now pass. Titles from PlayStation 2,3 and 4. You will be restricted on what you can play and for how long you can play.

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