Rocket League recently announced some changes and updates to the game. In celebration of the 55th super bowl, LV Celebration rocket league brings an all-new gaming mode, known as Gridiron.

This mode will be live from 2nd February to 8th February. Moving on to the looks of the arena, it pretty much looks like the American Football field. Additionally, there will be logos of the NFL and hashtags relating to the same.

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To give players the real feel of the game, Rocket League made some changes. When a player ball touches the ball it attaches itself to the top of the car. Players are allowed to make single jumps, a double jump will drop the ball. The shape of the ball is also changed to the pigskin or the rugby ball.

The game is for 4V4 and passing is done either by dogging or by touching the other player. Rocket League also made changes in the scoring patterns like a goal will earn a player either 3 points or 7 points. If a player is able to take the ball across the line attached to himself, then the player will get 7 points. If the player just crosses the ball alone then 3 points. Own goals also give 3 points.

Rocket League
Image by Psyonix

Talking about Decals and events, Rocket League has always provided a huge range of these. There will be special events that contain rewards like, NFL wheels, 20K XP and the Title of “Gridiron Guru”. An NFL fun pack will also be available for purchase which will contain an octane decal of all the 32 teams of the super bowl.

Rocket League: New Visual Options

Apart from a new game mode, there are also some new setting changes with regard to new visuals. When last month Rocket League introduced Neon Fields, This field gives Tron’s neon light or cyberpunk vibes. Some players while playing in this arena suffered from epileptic seizures. Players gave feedback that some of them are experiencing seizures in the loadout screens and while playing in Neon fields.

Based on this feedbacks Rocket League made some changes which will roll out in their 1st February update. This update will allow players to change to default or low, which means if the player switches to low then the flashing lights and background effects will be a minimum or removed entirely when playing in Neon fields. This will help the players who were experiencing these seizures.

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