will shikamaru die in boruto?

Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto? Or will Naruto Sacrifice himself? Fans have been wanting to know the dreaded answers to both of these questions. We will try to let you know the answer without spoiling much of the details.

There’s no manga draft suggesting that Shikamaru will die any time soon. We don’t even know if he will manage to get there in time. The fact that he was in Chapter 64’s cover can hint over two things. Either he is heading towards a grand showcase of his powers or his tragic demise trying to save Boruto and Kawaki.


Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto? A brief outlook on our Beloved Character

Every OG Naruto fan loves to hear the man say ‘What a Drag.’ But, Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto? This question is haunting everyone right now. Honestly, our beloved characters have gone through so much. The character development is just amazing.

From losing Asuma to seeing his father die protecting Konoha in the Fourth Great Shinobi War- the man has seen it all. Life didn’t treat him so kindly, but the man never went to the dark side. He is one of the best analysts and strategists to the Hokage.

Shikamaru might be one of the fiercest warriors. But, with a Kurama less Naruto, can he truly survive? Will he win against Code?

Possibilities of Shikamaru Dying

Contrary to popular belief, Shikamaru is not invincible. He has seen near-death situations in the Great Shinobi War before. He might have defeated some strong people, but he won those using mostly his wits.

Naruto has lost Kurama. Can he protect Boruto, Kawaki as well as Shikamaru altogether? It’s Naruto after all. We can only hope he will be successful in protecting them all. But, there are not exactly many opinions that are positive about his life.

If Shikamaru dies, it’ll be like cutting off the brain of your enemy. Also, Naruto will lose an important ally who keeps many threats coming onto him away and provides him with logical and sane advice when needed. In addition, Konoha’s defense systems are all overlooked and co-created by Shikamaru.

1. Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto?: He is not a master at Jutsus

If he was analyzing, there could have been a chance that he defeats Code. But, Code has the aid of Eida with him. In such a situation, it is hard to beat him. He is also not well experienced in Taijutsu.

Will he make it out of there alive? Keep watching and reading Boruto for more.

2. Will Shikamaru Die in Boruto?: Naruto has lost Kurama

Our main concern is the fact that Naruto is not OP anymore. He can beat down enemies, but protecting his kid, Kawaki as well as Shikamaru might be hard without Shikamaru.

Boruto: Where to Read?

If you are new to the manga and want to update your reading experience before the 65th chapter comes out, we recommend it will be one of the best things you ever do in your life.

You might be wondering where you can get this full manga, and don’t worry- we are here to help. Viz.com is the ultimate dream destination. You will be able to read Boruto Naruto-Next Generations Chapter 65 online on Shonen Jump+’s official website.

We all die a bit inside when we think of this fandom. Most of us grew up with Naruto, there is a ting of nostalgia hidden with this name. To think about the death of the characters we grew up with is indeed a sad feeling.

However, this is all we got. We will be updating this very page with all the details, once we get our hands on them. What do you think? Will Shikamaru die in Boruto? Can Naruto save them all without Kurama? Should we be ready for a huge crying session? How would Choji and Ino react? How would Naruto react?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Till then, stay tuned with us. You might want to check out Black Clover Chapter 318.

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