Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 AKA Shingeki No Kyojin

Your favorite manga series on gigantic man-eating titans. Yes, we are talking about Attack on Titan, one of the long-running manga that has come to end. As creator “Hajime Isayama” finished writing the last chapter of the series. He has submitted the final chapter for publication. In this article, we will talk about Attack on Titan chapter 139 release date and spoilers for the final chapter.

According to a report, “Hajime Isayama” tweeted on Wednesday, March 30, 2024. He wrote in his tweet that “I have submitted it, From now on, Attack on Titan is a series I hope as many people as possible will read, so thank you”. Manga editor also confirmed this by tweeting and thanking Isayama.  After 11 years of journey, it is the end of this delightful artwork with action and drama genre will be finished with the chapter.


The storyline of Attack on Titan

Let’s have a quick storyline of the series before talking about Attack on Titan chapter 139. The story centered around the main protagonist Eren Yeager. He wants to execute all of the titans as they destroyed his village and killed his mother. Eren lives in a village named “Shiganshina” which is located on the edge of Wall Maria. These walls were protecting humanity from titans. One day Wall Maria breached by two titans Colossal titan and Armored titan. In this attack, Eren’s mother got eaten by a titan and he can’t do anything to save her and witnessed her death. He has to run for his life with Mikasa and Arwin.

Later, Eren joins the Special Operations Squad to eliminate all the titans from their existence. When he first encounters titans, Eren finds out that he can transform into a gigantic titan. Later, he gets to know that his father injected him with a titan serum that triggered a titan transformation.

But when Eren find out that these titans were just a bunch of soldiers who get ordered by human to eliminate them. And the real enemy lives on the other side of the sea. This began a new arc for Eren’s life with different motives.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

Recap of Attack on Titan Chapter 138

Here’s the quick recap of chapter 138 which got published on March 9, 2024, before heading to Attack on Titan chapter 139. In this chapter, we have seen the first kiss between Mikasa and Eren also it was the final goodbye too.

Battling against Eren, Mikasa remembers the moment where Eren told her that he hated her for his life. Somehow survey corps was able to bring down the Eren by firing some explosives on the neck of Eren titan. But he survives the explosion and transforms into a new titan with fire flames and big as Armin’s colossal titan.

As the gas was still in the air people started to turn into titans. Reiner witnessed Jean, Connie, Gabi, and his mother turning into titans. And they attacked him. Annie and Pieck came to help the Renier. In the battle, Annie lost his father too.

Armin tries to speak with Eren that he would stop all this, at the same time Mikasa got dreamed about a different life with Eren. That Eren and she is living in a hut and Eren chopping woods for her. But she put all things aside, Mikasa asks Levi that put an opening to the mouth of the Eren’s. Levi with a spare rocket made a hole in Eren’s titan teeth and Mikasa goes inside his mouth and cuts the head of Eren’s real body and kisses him for the first and last time.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 139 and Spoilers

We have an official announcement that Attack on Titan chapter 139 has been wrapped up by the creator “Hajime Isayama”.

In this chapter, we are going to get all answers to the questions we have in our minds. Did Eren actually dead. In the previous chapter, we have seen that Mikasa cut the heap of Eren and kissed him in the end. But no one confirms Eren’s death. This was the biggest climax of the previous chapter.

Also, we will find out either Captain Levi will survive at the end of the series or not. Because his physical condition is at its peak.

If we talked about the spoiler, we have not any official leaked spoilers for chapter 139. We will update this section when we got one.

Chapter 139 release date and where to watch

Attack on Titan chapter 139 will be published on April 9, 2024, and it’s officially confirmed. This will the last chapter of the series. You can watch this manga on Kodansha Comics for better quality and better user experience.