Attack On Titan Manga Ends: The Final Chapter! Eren says Goodbye, April 2023
Attack On Titan Manga Ends: The Final Chapter! Eren says Goodbye, April 2023

It is confirmed by the creator of Attack On Titan “Hajime Isayama” that he has submitted the ending of his long-running Titans.


The last chapter of such a long-running manga has been completed and turned in. With it, the ultimate piece of the story he fanciful has come back to a fitting finish of this apocalyptic journey.

Fans of the Attack On Titan Series have seen it grow from humble beginnings of a bobtail cluster of unsafe teenagers zipping around on Vertical Maneuvering instrumentality to fight corpse-like big monsters into a torturous meditation on the price of human cruelty and also the that means of the word “monster”.

However it had to finish somehow, and this is often it. Isayama originally created Attack on Titan in 2006 as a 65-page one-shot book.

His work eventually generated enough interest to check it printed as a serial in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine starting in Sep 2009. Since then, Attack on Titan has become a landmark franchise and leading export of Japanese culture.

his tale of horror, visceral action, and raw feeling swelled in time into larger discussions on the legacies of pain concerned within the serious conflict between peoples and also the gradual degradation of private morality within the face of unceasing desperate survival.Attack on Titan

However, this journey of Isayama began over a decade agone ends. in keeping with a report by, Isayama tweeted out on a weekday, March 30, that he had turned within the final chapter, Chapter 139 to his publisher, finishing the story he started in 2009. “I have submitted it,” he wrote during a tweet, in keeping with their translation.

“From now on, Attack on Titan is a series I hope as many people as possible will read, so thank you!”

Attack on Titan, whereas a spiritually uncomfortable tale typically portraying the things of nightmares in involved and horrible detail each physically and showing emotion, is an inventive accomplishment by Isayama that has spawned all manner of media as a franchise powerhouse, as well as by-product manga, light-weight novels, videogames associated an anime tv series that was recently topped the foremost common broadcast within the world.

A product of an ardent mangaka with a predilection for realizing the sort of vivid imagination of dreams that wake kids from their sleep, fans are taken through many another distressing twist and earthshaking activate this bloody, brutal road through the lifetime of Eren Yeager and his Titan-fighting friends.

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According to an associate interview with ONE Championship, Isayama’s next challenge won’t be a replacement manga. Instead, he plans to open a spa in his native.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 goes on sale Apr nine within the pages of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, with associate English translation to follow from Kodansha commercial enterprise.



According to Kodansha, Attack on Titan chapter 139 will release its final ever chapter on Friday, 9th April 2023.

Over 11 years on the manga Isayama is bringing his series to an end.

The final volume is set to be released in early April for Bessatsu Shonen magazine, but the physical issue of volume 34 will ship on 9th June 2023.


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Fans of AOT posted that the first page of the upcoming chapter. The page features Mikasa kissing Eren. Fans felt moved by the illustration until they saw that she was actually holding his severed head. The fan said that it was clear that Mikasa was in love with Eren, he was aware of that and loved her too.


Spoilers and leaks are yet to be revealed for the final chapter over Easter weekend 2023. Leaks are Estimated to be on Saturday, 3rd April 2023.

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