Top 5 Animes similar to
Attack on Titan

If you enjoyed watching “Attack on Titans” and are searching for more. Then here are the Top 5 Animes Similar to “Attack on Titans”. As Attack on Titan is about to come to an end, therefore you all must keep yourselves hooked with these anime shows.

Attack on Titans


List of Top 5 animes similar to Attack o Titan to watch!

1. Blue Exorcist:

The main character of this story is Rin Okumura, who has a twin brother named Yukio. Though born from a human mother, they are shocked to know who their father is. It is none other than Satan himself. Rin is the inheritor of his father’s deadly powers. And he wishes to use it to fight against Satan to save the world.

If you were in his place what would you have done? Fight for or against your father.

2. Fate/Apocrypha

If you enjoy war and countless action scenes then this can be a perfect fit for you. This story takes place in an alternate timeline. It is a story where there are seven sets of servants and masters each from magi- clan. Each area in the quest to find the Immortality Cup and as the rules say whoever finds it keeps it. In this quest of searching the Holy Grail, they must make sure their combatants are not killed.

There are nail-biting scenes where the combatants are required to choose if they want to fight for the good or the bad. There are scenes when they even question themselves if there is any good left at all.

3. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress:

The story revolves around the main character Eren, who is neither a full human nor a full monster. But a Hybrid. According to the viewers, be it fans or critics, this series is a MUST watch if you like Attack on Titans.

The timeline of this story is during the Industrial Revolution. In this series, we see that people are getting infected with a virus that turns them into monsters. The humans don’t have many options or ways to defeat the latter. In the opening of the series, we see that the monsters are trying to infiltrate the fortress, which is mainly built to protect the remaining humans.

4. Hellsing Ultimate:

A 10 episode long, crisp, and spine thrilling anime. The organization “Hellsing” tries to save humanity from the supernatural forces out there. Hellsing is headed by a very powerful woman who leads an army. However, Alucard is her greatest and deadliest weapon. Another important character is Seras Victoria who used to be a cop. Seras turned into a vampire after Alucard saved her.

5. Elfen Lied

The Anime is plotted mainly on a fantasy race, called Diclonius. The main character around which the story is revolving is Lucy. She is a Diclonius. Lucy is captured in an experimental facility. When she tries to escape, she gets amnesia and starts fighting against these creatures.

Diclonius look similar to humans. The only difference is that they have tiny horns. They are very violent against humans. They have invisible arms which can be used to hold, grasp, or even tear things, which make them ‘monsters’.

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