Attack on Titan Manga officially ended, a long journey of 12 years ends!
Attack on Titan Manga officially ended, a long journey of 12 years ends!

9 April 2024, a date which can’t forget, because today is the date when Attack on Titan is officially ended. Hajime Isayama, the creator of the manga as of late prodded that the completion of the manga is something that he might want fans to recollect and remember him (Hajime) for. The 11 years 7 month in length venture of Eren Yeager and his companions at last end as the Attack of Titan manga’s last part which got released today. Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin.

For very enthusiastic fans of Attack on Titan, it very well might be a period loaded with blended emotions. The manga is totally completed and the last section was delivered today. Individuals who have stayed aware of the arrangement have followed Eren and his companions as he finds what the Titans really are, what they need, and how to best utilize them.


Ending of the Attack on Titan

Eren died! this was the biggest question everyone was asking. Well yes, Eren died and Attack on Titan ended with millions of death. Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and the excess Warriors combat Eren, and the sparkling centipede that began all Titans, some time ago settled in the Founding Titan’s spine. In the wake of making it inside Eren’s Titan mouth because of help from Levi, Mikasa executed Eren’s human body and said farewell to him for the first and last time. The last part affirms that this killed him – for great this time. As the residue settles, Mikasa carries his head to Armin, who mournfully grieves his misfortune with her. She at that point leaves the front line with it, realizing legitimate internment will not be stood to Eren after the demolition he caused by means of The Rumbling.

Just like the part’s namesake, the last pages uncover – after three years – that Eren’s gravesite is under the tree on Paradis Island he’d regularly rested under as a kid. Mikasa reveals to him that their companions, Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie, and Pieck, will before long show up to visit him, alongside Levi, Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon, probably. Insightfully, she inquires as to whether he’s cheerful prior to admitting she needs to meet him once more.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 139, Last Chapter

Except for the ending of Attack on Titan here’s a brief of chapter 139 of the series. The last chapter 139, named “Yeager,” opens with Armin asking Eren about for what good reason things expected to go to this. Eren clarifies that the decisions he made were fundamental for saving the world, yet were at his own cost which makes Armin yell at him as a result of all he put Mikasa through. Eren laments how it needs to end among them however clarifies that he’ll generally be faithful to Mikasa even after he’s dead. After Armin and Eren bid farewell, Armin says thanks to Eren for being the miscreant so nobody else needed to.

Attack on titan
Attack on titan

In the wake of awakening, Armin discovers Mikasa holding Eren’s executed head and he cries. He clarifies that after their battle, all the titans have returned back to customary individuals. Skipper Levi sees Erwin and Hange leaving the hot steam while Connie and Jean discover Sasha.

We avoid ahead quite a while to Historia holding her kid. We find that the conflict with Eldia actually seethes on the grounds that solitary the titans vanished after Eren’s passing, not simply the real conflict. Numerous characters have left Eldia, yet Historia actually feels the desire to battle and win. Levi is still in Eldia being moved in a wheelchair at this point grown-up Falco and Gabi. The last section closes with Mikasa being pecked at by birds under a tree close to a grave.

Where to read Attack on Titan?

You can read the whole series of Attack on Titan on the official website of Comixology for a better experience and with better picture quality.

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