Black Clover Chapter 289: Demon-Destroyer Sword! Spoilers, Release Date

As the anime series, Black Clover has ended and many fans of the well-known series are turning to the manga to know of Asta and his journey to be Wizard King. This is about Black Clover Chapter 289: Demon-Destroyer Sword! Spoilers, Release Date.

The Black Clover series was originally released in 2015 and was created by Yuki Tabata. Since its debut, the manga has become extremely successful. Thousands of fans across the planet are waiting for the discharge of the ensuing chapter.

While its anime adaptation has already concluded, the Black Clover manga series remains within the run. Successive in line is Black Clover Chapter 289 that may set out in an exceedingly few days. Asta managed to save lots of Nacht from the high-level twin devil. However, Nacht doesn’t care about his life and needs Asta to travel once the Dark Triad.


Black Clover Chapter 289: Preview

Nacht had a fierce battle with 2 powerful Supreme Devils.

They gave him a tricky time. once he’s on the point of use all of his mana and once the Supreme Devils needed to land, the ultimate blow, surprises happened.

The Supreme Devils thought they’d finished Natch, however, they were shocked once one in every one of them was blown away. Lilith notices that Naam is bleeding.


Lilith wonders who was the one that made Naam bleed since no human will lay one scratch on the Supreme Devils. Asta arrived before the Supreme Devils and told them to remain aloof from their vice-captain.

Nacht is glad since he has only in the near past discovered that his magic couldn’t bump off the devils. He realizes that solely the anti-magic boy will bump off the devil’s victimization of his anti-sword.

Lilith notices that the boy before them is simply a mere human and wonders however he has managed to blow away the Supreme Devil.

Black Clover Chapter 288: Recap

In the previous chapter, Finral notes Asta went up ahead on his own inside the Spade Kingdom castle to rescue Nacht from the devils.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Gimodelo tells Nacht they are counting on him and if he dies, the high-ranking devils will not spare them. Nacht sees Asta and announces he is late. The vice-captain of Black Bull tells his disciple Asta that he must hurry and go after the Dark Triad.

Nacht feels his existence doesn’t matter now and everything depends on Asta’s spirit. However, Asta reminds Nacht how he played a key role in making him a stronger fighter. Asta declares Nacht must live and witness the strength.

Suddenly, Asta remembers it is a minute already and he can only maintain his Devil Union form for five minutes.

The scene changes to Lilith and Naamah getting excited as nothing this entertaining ever happened in the underworld. Asta states he never imagined he would face Lilith and Naamah. Soon, the battle begins as Asta charges at the devils with his sword.

Asta continues to swing his blade and Nacht observes the physical bodies of the devils disappear.

Black Clover Chapter 289: Demon-Destroyer Sword! Spoilers, Release Date

The devils taunt Asta for failing to land a strike. They also compete with each other and wonder who will kill Asta first.

Later, Asta unleashes his third sword called the Demon-Destroyer. Lilith and Naamah are shocked to see the opponent’s new weapon. And before they can defend themselves, Asta strikes and cuts right through one of the devils. Can Lilith and Naamah regenerate and fight back against Asta?

Black Clover Chapter 289: Release Date

The release date for the upcoming chapter of the Black Clover manga series has been confirmed. Black Clover Chapter 289 is all set to release on Sunday, April 11, 2024. It will be available to read on VIZ officially.

Black Clover Chapter 289: Spoiler

The raws or scans for Black Clover 289 chapter can leak out 1-2 days before the official release. Therefore we must wait for more time for the spoilers folks.

The spoilers for future chapters of Black Clover are yet to surface online. However, the means the previous chapter all over, it looks like the future one can begin with the associate intense fight.

Asta and Nacht can combat upper-level devils and Namaah. But, Asta will solely handle his devil for 5 minutes, and it’s already been a moment. Therefore, currently, he solely has four minutes left so as to defeat the dual devils.

Demon slayer sword

In Black Clover Chapter 289, fans can see Asta employing a deadly blade referred to as the Demon Destroyer weapon. This blade can facilitate Asta modification the end result of this battle.

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It’s probably that he can rescue Nacht by the top of the forthcoming chapter, then each of them can proceed to fight the Dark Triad. The fans also will witness the amazing power of the Demon Destroyer weapon.