We have insanely exciting news for you guys! Black Clover, your favorite anime show is getting a movie! All naysayers were talking about how Black Clover is going down the drain after the end of the 170th episode. Although there were several reasons involved as to why they assumed. We will discuss it briefly later in this article.

The series is going to end and Black Clover will never get a movie. Guys, Black Clover is officially getting its movie! This could be the movie that you watch multiple times or buy multiple tickets to. Black Clover Movie, is one of the most hyped movies that we are all looking forward to! With that being said let’s dive into it.

Note: Spoilers are not involved in this article.


Black Clover Movie: Latest Updates

We are having a Black Clover movie, no further details yet! We don’t know the content right now. This is true. There hasn’t been any update on anything about what the movie’s title is. Whether it will be a canon or non-canon, who is going to be in the movie, there is no news. They released the latest cover of shonen jump with our main character Asta’s devil union on the cover. Hopefully, they get us a good movie overall!

An official announcement on BC movie on Twitter

Black Clover Movie: Predictions & Possibilities

  • The movie will just be a movie format of the final arc of Black Clover. The final couple hours of the series are just going to be movie quality. This is something most of the fans would be upset over since a movie covers only a few chapters of the manga. For instance, if the movie is of 2 hours, that would only get in about 7 chapters worth of content. And 7 seven episodes is not enough to finish out Black Clover.
  • The movie can be a canon or a non-canon which will be something completely brand new. One of the things alot of fans are talking about on the internet.Black Clover
  • Maybe they will make a Black Clover Knights because there was a video game version, if you cut all the scenes together it’s almost like an anime movie.
  • They may make a Black Clover Knights of the manga version because the story, the concept, arts, and the designs are already there in the manga.

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Where to watch?

We’d recommend you to watch on popular streaming sites including, Netflix, Funimation & Crunchyroll. Currently, all 4 seasons of Black Clover are being broadcast on Adult Swim’s Toonami in both Japan & the U.S.

When the fans went upset over the Anime’s End

The fans were freaked out when there was an announcement made that the shows are finally coming to an end. This is true but, the fact that an anime series always come back with so many chapters of the manga left behind is indeed the scenario.

A fan's tweet on twitter

The Black Clover franchise and the story for the series are not over, the manga will continue as usual. The show aired its final broadcast, episode 170 on 30 March 2024. Many shows that have been canceled are brought back like Bleach, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Shows can come back even if they’ve been canceled.

Boruto is a show done by the same studio and they have had no issues working with the manga needing more time. They’ve made many anime canon & filler arcs. If they wanted to keep making the show go on, they would do the same thing.

There were even speculations to rumors of ending the show way back Balck Clover Season 3 ended. But we got Black Clover Season 4 and they started to adapt the manga again. The reliable sources only stated as, “The final episode,” or “Show’s end,” or “Final broadcast.” We can undoubtedly assume that the show can always come back!

Why they ended Black Clover Series?

Now, there are several reasons as to why the Pierrot Studio had to end the anime series.

  1. People were freaking out because of manga same for Black Clover going done. Now, were they terrible? Not at all! They were good sales ok a global scale or on a relative scale.
  2. Are they top 10? No, it’s not top 10 selling, it was 11th at its best. But, still sells well better than the vast majority of manga that released Black Clover sales more than most. When you pair that with the anime ending or going on the break more accurately stated, it makes sense. It was stated to be the most popular anime in 87 countries & territories. It’s like the top 5 in every country & then it’s the 4th most profitable product from TV Tokyo. Black Clover anime
  3. When you add the fact that the anime was just almost catching up to the manga, it makes you wonder more. If it went on a for few months, it’d probably catch up & surpass. BC anime caught up to the BC manga around chapters 244-255. When the anime series end announcement confirmed, there was a difference of only 36 chapters. If that happens, the anime may suffer which leads to confusion. The same thing happened with Dragon Ball Super where the anime surpassed the manga. Things happen very differently which is something we all do not want to happen.
  4. There were a bunch of production issues in the Black Clover anime. With the kind of production style, where hard work, rushed or underpaid is involved, the production suffers. It makes sense why they’re ending the Black Clover series so they can produce the movie & probably go back to the anime. I think this is overall a good decision to make.

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BC: The Manga

The BC manga’s latest chapter 287 published on March 28, 2024. The upcoming chapter 288 will be published on April 4, 2024. You can read it on an official site VIZ for a better user experience. It is a good website with pretty good subtitles.

About the anime Black Clover

Black Clover anime is originally released in 2017, the series has 4 seasons. It is a fantasy, magic-based shounen anime about two abandoned brothers, Asta and Yuno who were taken by a church’s father. Since their childhood, all they dreamt of is becoming the wizard king. Yuno was very sincere and was an expert in magic while Asta was a loudmouth with no magic. Black Clover became one of the most-watched anime on Crunchyroll in 2020.