Black Widow Release Date
Black Widow Entry on Disney Plus? Release Date, Details

If there is no COVID-19 pandemic, Black Widow would be released on Disney+ and you would have watching it by now. After watching action scenes in the trailer, fans are eagerly waiting for its arrival. Everyone started comparing this movie with Captain America Winter Soldier and Atomic Blondie.

But, no one knows that when will Black Widow come out in theaters or straight to Disney+ like Mulan and Soul. Though there are some hints on this movie release platform from Marvel President Kevin Feige. Here you will know about them and what you can expect?

Black Widow


Black Widow on Disney Plus Streaming Platform? 

At the moment, even Kevin Fiege is not sure about the Black Widow release in theaters or in Disney+. He says it too early to decide the platform right now and asking the same questions won’t help.

From this, we can know that he is not willing to share or there is no news yet. Since HBO Max did a same-day premiere of Wonder Woman in theaters and on streaming platforms. Disney might take the same risk for the movie to release both on theaters and streaming platform.

Black Widow Release Date

As per current reports, the Black Widow release date for theaters is currently set on May 7, 2024. But, there are hard chances that this movie will come out on the same day as expected. It is just a placeholder. The vaccine is out to make things better when the release date is postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All are hoping that this will release worldwide on the big screen around mid-2021.

We can expect this surely on Disney+ too, but it might take some time after theatrical release.

Movie Cast

Black Widow Cast

Natasha Romanoff inevitably Scarlett Johansson, we cannot have this movie without her anyway. But, she is not alone Midsommar leads Florence Pugh as Yelena another member of Black Widow. Pugh’s character is like Natasha’s sister. Though there is plenty of blood shud between them, Pugh will return to MCU in Hawkeye Series.

As for now, the Main Villain of the movie Taskmaster and they revealed to be in control of the Red Room, which is the birthplace of Black Widow. it is revealed that Natasha will face a villain who recently made a series of appearances in the Spider-Man game for PS4.

Not one or two, three trailers of Black Widow are out. Here are they:

Special Look

Big Game Spot

Final Trailer

The Black Widow movie is a prequel. This has been rumored for a long time whether it is not. David Harbour’s interview with IGN told the publication that it’s being set in the gap between Captain Ameria Civil War and Avengers Infinity War on MCU Timeline.

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